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  • Watch your mouth
  • Who are PVAs and what role do they play?

    Editor’s note: This column is the second in a series entitled “Things to Know.” This series will feature articles written by experts across LaRue County about things you need to know concerning different aspects of day-to-day life.

    Scotty Lee is the PVA for LaRue County, and offers the following information.

  • LETTER: SBDM Councils Play Valuable Role

    Dear Editor,

    Kentucky’s SBDM councils bring together principals, teachers, and parents to improve culture and academic results in individual schools. Having led a council as principal and a district as superintendent, I know that attentive school councils play a critical role by seeing student needs from multiple perspectives. SBDM councils are ideally positioned to tailor decisions to make sense and get results for students and families.

  • Hopeful for a pension proposal

    Week six of the 2018 Legislative Session is in the books, and bills continued to move steadily through the Senate as work on the budget and pension reform continues. While we have not released a pension proposal just yet, we are hopeful that it will be made public in the coming days as we continue to sort out details on this complex issue. As for the budget bill, its fate currently is in the hands of the House, and we are hopeful that we in the Senate will receive a budget bill by early March.

  • Proposed education cuts

    I was fortunate to meet with superintendents from my fifth Senate district this week. We had a great discussion about the needs of education, especially in our rural communities, and they explained to me the catastrophic consequences that proposed budget cuts would have on our local schools.

  • Tax Political Party Checkoff Box

    Dear Editor,

    This time of year taxpayers have an often overlooked opportunity to make their views, and values better represented locally and in Frankfort. The front page of the Kentucky Income Tax form contains a check-off box allowing taxpayers to send $2 of their tax payment to the political party of their choice. A portion of this checkoff goes to the county organization and a portion to the state organization. The Income Tax Check-Off Program is an effective use of tax dollars as it supports representative government at no cost to the taxpayer.


  • Santas Helpers thank you

    Dear Editor,

    On behalf of the Santa Helpers, I would like to thank everyone for making the Morrison Santa Bus 51st year a very special Christmas.

    Thank you to the community for the kind donations of money, toys, clothing, bikes, and food that provided Christmas and food to the needy in our community.

    A big thanks to all the businesses that allow us to put donation boxes in your businesses to assist in the collection of all the community donations.

  • This is me (us)

    There’s a show on television on Tuesday nights that many are calling the best TV show ever. It’s called, ‘This is Us’. If you haven’t watched it, or like me came in a few weeks too late to fully understand the switching between current day and years ago story lines, I’ll give you a quick update.