Today's Opinions

  • Ramblings about gun control

    I have been thinking about writing my column on several topics the last couple of weeks, but I never built up the courage to do it, until now.

    I am still floored by all of the recent school shootings. I’m going to save ink and not give my “formal” opinion about the gun control issue. I have written about it before and those who read my columns or know me, already know my opinion.

  • Senior Day Letter

    Dear Editor,

    We want to thank Steve Johnson, the President of the Fair Board, for another great day at the fair for the senior citizens event on Wednesday, June 6.

    We had prizes and cold drinks. Everyone was happy and content listening to the music, singing and dancing. Many people also registered for the prizes and gifts.

    We wish to thank the stores and businesses for their donations and gifts.

  • Parkway Trash for Cash

    Dear Editor,

    My name is DeWayne Gibson and I am the pastor of Parkway Baptist Church in Hodgenville. I recently led a team participating in the LaRue County Trash For Cash program.  It was a terrific experience for us.  We were able to see first hand the amount of trash that collects on LaRue County’s beautiful back roads.  

  • 4-H Trash for Cash

    Dear editor,

    The LaRue County 4-H Teen Club recently participated in the Trash for Cash Program.  The group was excited to earn money for their clubs and also to help clean up the county. 

    The group first met after school on a Friday and completed the majority of the roads, which were located in Magnolia.  The weather was not fully cooperative, and the group had to stop early due to storms.  The rest of the roads were completed over the weekend and one the following week.

  • LCHS Trash for Cash

    Dear Editor,

    On Saturday, May 12, 2018, a group of parents and LCHS seniors participated in Trash for Cash as a fundraiser for Project Graduation.  

  • Union Christian Trash For Cash

    Dear Editor,

  • Pearman’s Response

    Dear Editor,

    This is in response to Mr. Simms’s Letter to the Editor in the May 2, 2018, edition of The LaRue County Herald News. According to KRS 18A.140(4), it is illegal for a county employee, paid by the tax payers of LaRue County, to be involved in any election.  So, my only response to his letter is that not only is his information incorrect, but is it unlawful for him to publicly make these statements using my name? If so, I expect him to be held accountable for his actions!

  • Curle Trash For Cash

    Dear Editor,

    We recently participated in the Trash for Cash program. It’s amazing what you find on the side of a highway or roadway! But what’s more amazing is why would you just roll down your window or load your truck and toss trash out? Is this the way you care for your own personal property?

    If you ever just once had to pick trash up on a road, you’d never toss another item out a window. Take pride in your community and let’s keep our highways clean.


    Kaye Curle, Jamie Curle Memorial Scholarship