Today's Opinions

  • Tis the Season

    It’s the time of year that financial extraordinaire Dave Ramsey would say to his followers, Christmas comes around every December 25. So, with that said, I hope I’m the only one that can say, ‘Nope, I’m not done with my shopping, my trees are up, but the floors are dirty, the laundry is piled, no baking this year, and Christmas cards, well let’s just say I wanted to do that, but isn’t going to happen again this year.’

  • Gearing up for January

    With blustery winds and snow flurries sweeping the Commonwealth, it’s clear that the holiday season is upon us.  Meanwhile, the members of the General Assembly continue to be hard at work holding interim joint committee meetings in Frankfort and throughout the state as we approach the start of the 2019 Regular Session in January.

  • Exiting stage left

    Theatre has always been intriguing to me. One of my best friends from childhood, Drew Davidson, is heavily involved in theatre and is now a theatre professor for Shorter University in Rome, Georgia.

    I was a groomsmen in his wedding this past summer, which was at an old historic theatre in downtown Winchester, Kentucky. Standing on the stage as one of his groomsmen was the closest I ever came to being “on stage” as they call it in the theatre community.

  • CKCF leads effort for community investment

    For the past 58 years, Central Kentucky Community Foundation – and before that North Central Education Foundation – has helped people invest in their communities through philanthropy.

    From our roots in supporting education through the founding of Elizabethtown Community College – now Elizabethtown Community and Technical College – and multiple scholarship funds, to supporting a variety of community initiatives, CKCF is a leader in this region’s philanthropic landscape.

  • community news

    Reverend Scott Curle was the guest preacher at First Baptist in the absence of Reverend Wilkinson. The title of his sermon was “Fight.”

    Mildred Dorsey-Thompson will be had surgery on Tuesday. Christina Turner also had surgery recently and she is improving.

    Bobbi Curle, wife of Kenny Curle, will have surgery on Wednesday at Norton’s Hospital in Louisville. Everyone keep her in your prayers.

  • Walking in perspective

    Seven years ago I went on my Chrysalis Walk. For those of you who don’t know what Chrysalis is, it’s a three-day non-denominational Christian retreat for high school students. The walk happens twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall.

  • Changing of the leaves

    It has been an unusual and depressing year so far. I was talking with someone in the community who told me they had been to the funeral home seven different times for visitation of someone who died. It was upsetting to them because seven people they knew had passed away since the beginning of the month.

  • Letter from Canmer, Ky

    Dear Editor,