Today's Opinions

  • BackPack Program Provides Needed Hope

    Four little kids jump off the school bus in wild anticipation, it’s the Friday before a long weekend. It feels like the first three-day weekend would never arrive; it’s been eons since school started instead of just a few weeks.

    Three of the children run excitedly ahead, their book bags light from the lack of books and homework. These three are off to ride bikes and do other fun things during their long stretch of freedom.

  • Hodgenville News

    Thought for the week: Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

  • Community News

    This past Sunday First Baptist Elizabethtown had their Installation Services for their new Pastor Reverend Roderick Jones.

    Our deepest condolences to the family of Senator John McCain who passed away last Saturday. He was a great warrior, Senator and person that represented our country with pride, dignity and courage. We salute you, Senator John McCain.

    Lane Lincoln- Bible Study this Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

    When was the first Labor Day Holiday?

  • 2018 Overdose Awareness Day

    If you have children, you know what it is like to fret over them. Are they Okay? Are they safe? We raise our children to be good people and pray they strive to achieve great things. Sometimes, being human, they fall short of those goals and fall into a lifestyle of self-destructive behavior. We love them just the same, but we want them to do better and we do everything we can to help them along the way.

  • Kentucky’s Economy is Strong, More Work Needed on Workforce Development

    By: Brandon Reed

    Kentucky’s economy is booming.

    By every measureable standard, both the Commonwealth and our nation’s economy are growing at a fast rate, adding jobs and pumping new investments into rural communities. Our unemployment rate is at a 43-year low, businesses are expanding at record levels, and Kentucky saw an average of 5.7% growth in wages in the first quarter of 2018, the fourth highest in the nation.

  • First Baptist celebrates 138th anniversary

    Each year there is an eventful week for the community during second weekend in August. Many travel from various locations to make it to Hodgenville during that weekend as there are numerous family gatherings throughout the area and the Cobb’s family Reunion, which brings in many people. This leads up to Sunday of the Annual Homecoming at First Baptist Hodgenville.

  • LCS raising taxes again

    Dear Editor,

    Well, as Ronald Reagan said “Here we go again”. The LaRue County School Board is proposing to raise our taxes by at least 4% for the third year in a row. That’s 12% in three years. Don’t we all wish that we received a 12% raise in our pay or Social Security every 3 years?

  • Considering annual tax rates

    Dear Editor,

    Another school year is off to an incredible start, and I want to express my gratitude to each LaRue County Schools student, parent, teacher, staff member and volunteer for their commitment to making 2018-19 a successful year.

    As a parent and an alumni , I am honored to serve as a member of the LCS Board of Education. Our goal is to continue to do everything we can to ensure our children — our community’s most precious resource — reach their highest potential. That includes careful financial planning.