Today's Opinions

  • Music memories abound at Jamboree

    Forty-three – the number of years I have played music at the Lincoln Jamboree, doesn’t really seem that long until I look at some things going on when I started playing piano there as a teenager.

  • Family dissolves on screen

    Many critical issues of the day face our nation. Based on coverage devoted by television’s morning news shows, the entertainment magazines and buzz in the community, one of the most significant may be the pending dissolution of a high-profile marriage.

    So here's my take on Jon and Kate.

  • Band director highly qualified

    Since I was on the committee that helped select Jaime Smith as the present band director of LaRue County High School, I feel that it is my duty and obligation to defend him against some of the baseless criticism and false comments that he is receiving from an element in the county that cannot find anything positive or complimentary about our school system and some of its personnel, which includes Smith and the band program.

  • Disappointed in band season

    I feel I must comment on the articles in the paper regarding the band and its new direction. I am a former band member, a former band executive and a former senior parent. I am a firm believer that the band experience will last a student a lifetime more than any sports program and I have done both.

    My son graduated this year and it was his worst year in band.

  • Acronyms can save a lot of time, space and ink

    It has long fascinated me that many (but not all) languages use but 26 letters to do all our written communicating. Such instills new appreciation of the power of repetition.

    We use those just 26 symbols in various combinations to form words, sentences, books and libraries. Some words get shortened into abbreviations (as in those for our 50 U.S. states) and acronyms usually composed of initials of each word in the name.

  • Red Cross appreciation

    The 23rd annual Cooking for Life Blood Drive was June 12 at Pritchard Community Center in Elizabethtown.

    Blood donors were treated to a delicious meal, entertainment and free child care services.

    A total of 68 units of blood was collected, which exceeded last year’s total by 14.

    Sincere thanks to all the area businesses who donated food and to those who provided entertainment throughout the day.

  • Herald’s price change requires third quarter

    The LaRue County Herald News marks 125 years of service this year. In an ever changing business world, that accomplishment is a point of pride that today’s staff shares with the hundreds who have worked here and contributed to our ongoing success.

    With a constant eye toward serving our community, the paper has become a healthy business interest and we owe much of it to our faithful readers.

  • Take time to learn about your history

    In a column in The Turret, Gen. George S. Patton’s grandson talked about the importance of keeping not just things but memories. He called recorded memories “the most meaningful, enduring dimensions of inheritance.”