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  • Compass Municipal Advisors

    Dear Editor,

    Compass Municipal Advisors, LLC provides financial consulting to cities, counties and other governmental entities throughout the Commonwealth. We recently completed work with LaRue Fiscal Court to refinance the County’s Jail Bonds, which resulted in a lower interest rate and savings to the County of over $72,000.

  • Former Commissioner of agriculture

     Dear Editor,

    I write this letter to the citizens of LaRue County, Kentucky in support of an individual of whom I have known for many years. He was a very dedicated County Judge Executive for your county and is from a long line of regional public servants.

    He not only served the citizens of LaRue County well but also served the citizens of the entire Commonwealth as an Executive Assistant to my administration as Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture. He is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather as well as being a very successful businessman.

  • County Treasurer

    Dear Editor,

    As Treasurer of LaRue County, I deal daily with county finances and interact with other county treasurers and state government. Recently I have been asked about LaRue County’s financial condition and how we compare to other counties. I am proud to state that LaRue County’s finances are in excellent condition and the envy of most counties in Kentucky.

  • Reader Supports Turner

    Dear Editor,

       You seldom read about me. I work with business, industry and clients that are looking to locate or expand in LaRue County. Most information is confidential.

    Historical perspective of the community can help tell the future.

    We have 2 individuals running for Judge/Executive who have both served in the position. Compare the facts:

    -Population fell during Pearman’s tenure, under Turner it has outpaced the state growth rate.

  • Reader Supports Pearman

    Dear Editor,

  • Trash For Cash

    Dear Editor,

    We recently participated in a Trash For Cash cleanup project on some of our rural county roads as a fundraiser for upcoming missions trips.

    I am sharing this letter to voice concern about the ongoing issue of “littering” on the God given land we have been called to care for. I am speaking of the increasing amounts of garbage that is seen on the sides of the road.

    Which would you rather see? Tree-lined fence rows with blooming wild flowers or someone’s fast food containers, cardboard boxes, and liquor bottles/cans?

  • Vietnam Veterans Association

    Dear Editor,

  • For Sale: One Election Date

    by Cody McDowell 


    For the low, low price of $10,000 you too can influence an election. Not by running ads or placing signs in your Aunt’s front yard but by shaping the potential number of people who will vote in the election.