Today's Opinions

  • Senator Steve Meredith’s update

    The General Assembly hit the ground running this week as it began the continuation of the 2019 Regular Session. The Senate Majority is excited to move forward with its legislative priorities and pass laws that benefit the Commonwealth.

  • Community news

    Let’s continue in prayer for the families that have lost loved ones due to various acts of violence, injuries, or sickness, and all the sick and shut-ins, hospitals, nursing homes, institutions, jailhouses, prison walls, rehabs, the homeless, families who has lost loved ones, men and women fighting for our country, our law enforcement, our country, violence throughout the country, our President, The White House, and most of all, pray for one another.

  • Hodgenville News

    Thought for the week:

    Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said, “I’m here for you” and proved it.

    I have been sick since Friday with upper respiratory issues and that nasty old cough crud that is going around, no fun for sure. This KY weather is for the birds, up and down temperatures. 50th Anniversary wishes goes out to George and Carolyn Gibson on February 7th.

  • Life at a weekly newspaper

    August 30, 2010 was my first day on the job at The LaRue County Herald News. I wasn’t met with the upmost enthusiasm or respect, what I was met with was labels, misunderstandings of who I really was, and piles and piles of reports that didn’t mean a thing to me. I inherited a newspaper that about 15 minutes into my first day, I wasn’t sure I had made the right decision, and thought about jumping ship. That was then, and this is now.

  • Ice storm and all

    Growing up in a small town in western Kentucky and having a birthday in January always had its challenges. It seemed like we had a lot more snow back then – way back then. I should have known as being the “New Year’s baby”, being the “first baby born in Sturgis KY”, on January 11, I should have been ready for anything.

  • KPA turns 150 this year

    Wednesday, January 13, 1869, a group of newspaper publishers from across the state gathered in a building on St. Clair Street in downtown Frankfort. The result of that meeting was the creation of a “society” that is today known as the Kentucky Press Association.

  • A new career in the new year

    As we look forward to the opportunities and possibilities of a new year, many will resolve to improve their career outlooks in 2019. As is the case for any New Year’s resolution, such as eating healthier or saving more money, careful reflection, research and support are critical to your success.

  • Stretching my legs

    My first week here as a part of the LaRue County Herald News team could be described using many different words. Most would use “easy” seeing as I began on a Wednesday, in other words a short week. I could use the term daunting, maybe formidable, but definitely not dismaying or overwhelming. While the work is very different from my years of running a cash register, it is a welcome change. I am finally able to stretch my creative legs at my place of work I would of never thought I would get the chance to do that a couple of years ago.