• LETTER: Consider Gatewood in upcoming election

    Gatewood Galbraith.

    Regardless of the fact that he keeps placing a strong second in numerous polls and even first in a few of them, he seems limited to one sentence just mentioning his name at the end of campaign articles.

    They fear anyone that really does want to change things or wants to give the power back to the people such as Gatewood does.

    Any chance of breaking away from the nation splitting two-party system immediately gets swept aside for fear of shaking up the status quo.

  • LETTER: Chamber director thanks volunteers at State Fair booth

    The LaRue County Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who contributed to our booth at the Kentucky State Fair “Pride of the Counties” exhibit.
    The booth was a great representation of LaRue County because of the many items that were loaned for use in the booth and because of many volunteers that donated their time to man the booth.
    These volunteers donated many hours to tell about LaRue County and everything we have to offer.

  • LETTER: Remember those lost on Sept. 11, 2001

    In a few days, our nation will give honor to those who lost their lives in New York City. I will have no problem to pause and lower my head in silence.

    Being brought up to do so at home, having the honor to serve and as an American, I have a sworn duty to do no less.

    And above all that was said, first and always, God comes first by his loving grace.

    Thank you, God, to be an American.

    Lee Ratliff


  • LETTER: Kicking cancer fundraiser a success

    The LaRue County Parks and Recreation hosted the first Kicking Cancer Kickball Tournament on Aug. 20.

    We would like to say thank you to all of the teams and the sponsors who made this event possible. There were a total of 10 teams from LaRue and Hardin Counties representing a youth division and an adult division.

    The event raised more than $1,500 for the American Cancer Society and the LaRue County Parks and Recreation.

    The winners in each age group were as follows:

    First place youth division – First Baptist Church Youth Group

  • LETTER: Report child abuse

    Summer is nearing an end and children all across Kentucky have or soon will be headed back to school. While many students may groan at the thought of homework, tests, book reports and science projects, most are also excited to see old friends and to get a fresh start on a new year.

  • LETTER: Message from Passport CEO

    It is a new day at Passport Health Plan. As CEO now for 48 days, and as Interim CEO for 260 days, I can assure you, things have changed. It has been a tough nine months for our associates, advocates, providers and members who make up the Passport family. As with any family experiencing a crisis however, we have pulled together to make things better. Please give me this opportunity to bring you up to date.

  • LETTER: Pageant winners should be from LaRue

    Amen to the ones who have already said it, but it needs to be said again. The LaRue County Fair pageants should be for LaRue County residents only, especially if the winners will be representing LaRue County at the State Fair.

    It does not honor our county at all if the winners are not from here.

    Annette Perkins


  • LETTER: Enjoyed Senior Citizen Day at the fair

    Senior Citizens enjoyed their day at the fair again this year, with a special thanks to Ann Morrison, all fair board members and helpers and the Bobby Morrison-Jim Phelps air-conditioned building.
    We want to send a special thanks to Katie Carter, coordinator of LaRue County Senior Citizens Center and helpers and all their gifts.

  • LETTER: Hawks cafeteria looks great

    I want to thank Phil Fulkerson, Steve Perkins, W. L. Miller, Arlie Gardner and the LaRue County Detention Center inmates who worked so diligently this summer to create the beautifully renovated cafeteria at the LaRue County High School.  
    They went above and beyond to ensure that our children will have a beautiful environment to enjoy their breakfast and lunch for many years to come, not to mention the many functions that will now be able to use this newly renovated space. Thank you again for all your dedication to our community and its children.  

  • LETTER: Miss LaRue County should be local

    Well, another fair has come and gone. I have heard a lot of feedback at the store on the way the Miss LaRue County Fair Pageant was done this year.
    Everyone along with myself seems to think that the one going to represent LaRue County at the state pageant should be from LaRue County not from another county representing LaRue County.
    In my opinion that makes our county look like it has nothing to offer in our county fair.
    Charlie Nunn