• LETTER: Take care of your animals

    Winter, with its bitter wind, rain and snow, is rapidly approaching. Now is the time to check our dog houses, patching and repairing all cracks and leaks. It is also time for new, clean bedding. Straw is the best and this bedding will need to be replaced often; putting a board along the bottom of the door opening will help keep the bedding inside the house. Also, turning the door away from the wind helps protect your dog from the cold.

  • LETTER: Crawfords bid farewell to LaRue County

    For 34 years Bill and I have been members of this community. We have worked alongside you and watched your children grow into adults with children of their own.

    We’re moving to Leitchfield so we can be near our parents and while we look thankfully forward, we’re sad to leave this community behind.

  • LETTER: Remember the children during the holidays

    As we embark on the holiday season, our thoughts are filled with images of gathering around a table with relatives and loved ones. While we’ll spend plenty of time at shopping malls and parties in the coming weeks, the most festive and warming holiday setting remains the home.

    That is, if you have a home.

  • LETTER: Lincoln Memorial ceremony gave time to reflect

    I just wanted to thank everyone that helped with the centennial celebration of the dedication of the Lincoln Monument.

    The park was beautiful, the staff is very professional, and hearing our State Champion LaRue County High School Band play those particular selections made for a great event.

  • Band appreciates community support

    I am writing to express my sincere thanks to this community for its support of the LaRue County High School Band. The last two weeks’ congratulatory messages, gestures, and events associated with the Band of Hawks’ State Championship have been heartwarming for both members and staff. God has blessed this organization tremendously.

  • LETTER: Band of Hawks set record in 2000 that still stands

    I would like to comment on the statement made that the Band of Hawks had set a school high score at this year's AA West Regional competition of 89.2 in Owensboro, placing second overall.

    This is a very good score but it is on record that in 2000 Class 2A West Regionals in Hart County, LaRue County scored a 91.15 to take first place that year. The results can be viewed at http://marching.kyband.com/kmeascores/2000AAWestRegionals.html.

  • LETTER: Lincoln Days tractor show a success

    We want to thank everyone for turning out for this year's tractor show at the Lincoln Days Festival and hope that everyone enjoyed themselves. A special thank you for the participants in the new antique farm truck class.

  • LETTER: Wear a white ribbon for adoption awareness

    November is Adoption Awareness Month. In recognition of this unique way in which to become a family, white ribbons will be worn. I ask that all of you who are touched by adoption to please wear a white ribbon during the month of November.  If you see someone wearing a white ribbon, please ask him how adoption has affected his life. If you are interested in learning more about adoption, call 1-800-928-4303.

  • LETTER: Appreciation for Veterans Day program organizers

    I would like to express my appreciation to all who organized, sponsored and participated in the Veterans Day parade and ceremony.

    Those who were not in attendance missed a very meaningful and touching ceremony held at City Hall immediately following the parade.

    Again, thank you to all involved honoring "Our American Heroes - All Our Veterans" past and current.

    Diane Skaggs Osborne, proud daughter of Sgt. John D. "JD" Skaggs, World War II veteran


  • LETTER: Assistance with Veterans Day program appreciated

    We would like to thank everyone who helped with the Veterans Day Parade including Save-A-Lot, Lincoln National Bank, Bennett-Bertram Funeral Home, Hometown IGA, Ward Electric and Lee's Garden Center. To all the participants we appreciate you helping us salute our military and to all who watched the parade. All the speakers did a tremendous job this year and we thank you for your heartfelt words.