• Make use of the sidewalk

    Dear Editor,

    I recall a recent article about a wonderful young man who used his time and talent to extend the sidewalk in front of the LaRue County Middle School so more students could exit their vehicles at one time thereby eliminating the long line of cars.

  • Schools of thought

    Dear Editor,

    We are hearing a lot lately from school boards who have stepped up and made a case both locally and statewide for both restoring and increasing funding for schools.

  • Letters: Waste, food for thought

    Dear Editor,

    Pope Francis once said, “Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry.” The reason why I include that quote is because of a very important problem, food waste. America is the leading contributor to food waste. It is very important that we bring light to this problem, not only on the holidays, but throughout the year.

  • Waste: Food for thought

    Dear Editor,

    Have you ever thrown away a perfectly good piece of food in the garbage? Did you know in 2014, we disposed of more than 38 million tons of food? The things we just throw on the ground can pollute the land and kill animals. About 955 of the food we throw away ends up in landfills or combustion facilities.

  • Just Ask: recycling question


    If they have a “Trash for Cash” program that pays groups to pick up trash alongside the road, can’t the money used for that program be transferred to pay volunteer groups who work at the recycling center for a set amount of time? The money would go to that non-profit group for helping at Renaissance Recycling.


    Diane Ronkainen


  • Learning about littering

    Dear Editor,

    On Saturday, October 28, approximately 40 youth soccer players, parents, coaches and board members picked up trash along ten miles of LaRue County Roads.

    Despite the cold, wet conditions, we met at 8:45 a.m. at the Buffalo Fire Department to receive our safety gear and trash bags and to determine who would clean which roads.

  • Letters: Trash for Cash

    Dear Editor,

    The LaRue County Wrestling Program participated in the Trash for Cash Program on Saturday, October 21. We cleaned up roads in the Upton and Sonora areas of LaRue County. We had 20 students and 6 adults participate in this community service.

  • LETTERS: Trash for Cash

    Dear Editor,

    I recently participated in the Trash for Cash program, which benefited the LaRue County 4-H Teen Club. I, along with other club members, cleaned up roadsides in the Magnolia area. Our members completed pick up for a total of ten miles. We split up into groups to accomplish this task.

    We picked up lots of plastic and glass bottles, Styrofoam and plastic cups, tobacco dip cans, as well as many wrappers to various food items. We even found a toilet in a ditch. Another very common item found on the side of the road was cigarette butts.

  • LETTER: Sidewalk Service

    Dear Editor,

  • Letter: Blessings in a time of Breast Cancer

    Dear Editor,

    With the recent anniversary of my diagnosis, I was interviewed by The LaRue County Herald News about my journey with breast cancer and I also wanted to take this time to thank some other special people in this letter.