• Library letter to the editor

    Dear Editor,

  • Letter about Woodie

    Dear Editor,

    People often loosely use the words “pillar of the community.” But LaRue County and Hodgenville lost not only a pillar of the community last week, but also a local icon and a real character as well.

    Woodie Handley, Sr. was a part of my life since I can remember. My father and he were great friends, largely because Woodie was one of a very short list of people who could hold their own with my dad. My dad respected that, and he respected Woodie’s knowledge.

  • Mowing and Litterbugs
  • Gary Gardner Letter

    Dear Editor,

    My mother is recuperating at Sunrise Manor Nursing Home in Hodgenville after a fall in which she sustained multiple broken bones, leaving her unable to stand or walk, or even to lift herself up in the bed.  

    As a preface, I wanted to clarify that the conditions she alludes to are actually more severe than she conveys in her letter.  The other morning, already needing to use the restroom then, she called for assistance but was left to wait in her bed for over two hours before anyone came. 

  • Margie Gardner letter

    An Open Letter to God; and the Editor:

    Yes, God, I’ve always known that there is a difference between Heaven and Hell, but never realized how much until recently.  On June 5, I had a bad fall, breaking my ankle and my elbow.  Dr. Been took care of my broken bones like the pro that he is.  At E-town Hospital I was under the care of Dr. Badiwala who was both knowledgeable and compassionate.  All the nurses and aides were excellent. 

  • Editor’s note: response to letters about Sunrise Manor care

    LaRue County Herald News Publisher Allison Shepherd and Editor Doug Ponder reached out to the Sunrise Manor administration and the LaRue County Geriatric Board about the allegations in the letters.

  • LCHS girls soccer team trash for cash letter

    Dear Editor,

    On Saturday, June 23, the LaRue County High School Girls Soccer team participated in the Trash for Cash program in the Hodgenville, Magnolia and Mount Sherman communities.  We had about 25 young ladies and 10 adults take time out of their day to perform this community service. 

  • LANE LINCOLN CME trash for cash letter

    Dear Editor,

    The youth of Lane Lincoln CME Church in Hodgenville recently participated in the Trash for Cash program. This is a wonderful community service project for our young people. They went out on three separate occasions to clean up ten miles of our county’s roadways. They were amazed at what people will throw out on the side of the road. A good portion of our youth is at or approaching driving age and this experience has made them more aware of the effects of littering on our roadways.

  • Rotary Trash for Cash

    Dear Editor,

    Every year since 1950, the incoming President of Rotary International chooses a presidential theme to focus the objectives of the organization for the year to come.  For the 2017-18 year, that theme has been, “Rotary: Making a Difference.”  

    On the morning of Saturday, June 9, the Rotary Club of Hodgenville tried to make a difference in our community by cleaning up trash along some of our county roads as part of the LaRue County Trash for Cash program.  

  • Wrestling trash for cash

    Dear Editor,

    On Saturday, June 9 the LaRue County Wrestling program participated in the Trash for Cash program in which we cleaned up roads in the Athertonville and Roanoke areas of LaRue County. We had nine students and six adults participate in this community service.