Sponsor a Class

Support Newspaper In Education

You can help! One hundred percent of your cost will go directly to pay for newspapers in the classroom.

Generous sponsors allow NIE to serve local teachers and students. One hundred percent of your donation goes to the NIE program to pay for newspapers for classrooms. Our newspaper handles 50% of the NIE costs and requests NIE sponsors to pay the remaining 50%. Join The LaRue County Herald News in providing educational stimulating materials to the classroom.

Some ways to support the NIE program:

Individual Contribution


You can support 1 student for only $8.50. This small amount provides newspapers for that one student for the entire school year!

You can “Adopt a Class” for $255 for a class of 30 and help young people on the road to becoming informed, responsible adults. You can choose the teacher or school you would like to sponsor or you can sponsor a classroom on our waiting to be sponsored list.

Mail your contribution to:


Newspaper In Education Program

c/o The LaRue County Herald News

40 Shawnee Drive

Hodgenville, KY 42748


Donate from your Newspaper Bill

Add a donation to your subscription renewal amount. Each dollar ($1.00) you donate provides 1 newspaper to a local classroom.

Vacation Donation


Give students your newspapers while you are away. Before you go out of town call The LaRue County Herald News at (270) 358-3118 and tell them you want to donate your papers to the NIE program!

Corporate/Business Sponsor


Our Newspaper In Education (NIE) program provides a living textbook, the newspaper at no cost to students and teachers with the generous support of businesses, organizations and individuals.

The LaRue County Herald News NIE PROGRAM recognizes its partners in the following ways:

• Every week your adopted classroom(s) will receive their requested newspapers

• A series of Thank you ads in our newspaper

• Additional recognition during March NIE Week

If you would like to learn more about our program please call Ramona Coffey, NIE coordinator, at The LaRue County Herald News (270) 358-3118. If you are ready to help us help students and teachers please mail your contribution to: Newspaper In Education Program c/o The LaRue County Herald News, 40 Shawnee Drive, Hodgenville, KY 42748.

 No matter what amount you contribute, every penny counts!