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  • Lawsuit threatens library services

    Like many other libraries in the Bluegrass, LaRue County’s public library is being threatened by the ongoing lawsuit against Kentucky libraries. Dana Jolly, Director of LaRue County Public Library, said that, should the ruling in the case come down against libraries, they would lose more than half their current budget. She added that, although the board hasn’t outlined specifically which services would be cut, some would inevitably be lost.

  • Farm Bureau offers $1,500 grant

    Kentucky Farm Bureau is searching for the next recipient of its $1,500 Women’s Educational Grant. The grant, presented annually by KFB during its annual meeting in December, was established to recognize and assist non-traditional-aged female college students in their efforts towards completing a college education.

  • First day at LCMS
  • The sun’s atmosphere: a wild mess of activity

    Like Earth, the sun has an atmosphere with layers in it. The outermost layer is called the corona, and it’s a wild mess of activity. Scientists have long known about the corona. It is home to some spectacular shows – giant eruptions called coronal mass ejections, loops, prominences and massive magnetic storms.

  • Kentucky Soybean Board Executive Committee
  • 4H participates in AGstravaganza, State Fair
  • Grain Field Day and Grain Yield Contests

    The annual LaRue County Extension Grain Field Day will be held at 5 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 28 at Fresh Start Farms, operated by Ryan and Misty Bivens. The farm is located at 4109 Sonora Road (KY 84), Hodgenville.

    We will look at Extension’s corn and soybean variety plots on the farm. They include 25 Roundup Ready corn varieties (planted May 7) and 27 Roundup Ready Group IV soybean varieties, double cropped on June 21 after wheat.

  • GROUNDHOG HILL: Garden of Grief

    This week, the garden at Groundhog Hill holds little interest for me.

    The zinnias are no longer beautiful. The Peruvian purple corn is no longer intriguing. The pumpkins hold little, if any, promise for future joy.

    I feel bereft.

    The weather forecast for this week is severe thunderstorms every day, and that is perfectly fine to me.

    Come, wind. Come, storms. Do your worst.

    This week, I do not wish to pick up debris, to pull any weeds, to move forward.

  • ALES Leadership
  • Community News


    John R. Smith

     Lila Williams was admitted to Hardin Memorial Hospital last Tuesday. Kristi Breckenridge had surgery last week. She’s doing well and was at church Sunday morning at First Baptist. 

    Courtni Price was involved in automobile accident last Thursday. Everyone was glad she and her friend sustained only minor injuries.