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  • Jesus is Over All


    The Apostle Paul in Colossians 1:18-19 says, Jesus Christ is the head of the church. He is the source and authority of the church. Without the head the body will die.

    When you say the church is the body of Christ three ideas come to mind. First, there is the idea of life. Without Jesus Christ the church does not exist. Without the church the life of Christ on the earth could not be known. Both are necessary for life.

  • Farmer’s Market

    The LaRue County Farmer’s Market opened for business on June 13. Even with cold temperatures and strong winds many LaRue County residents came out to purchase locally grown foods.

  • BBB June Hot Topics

    Take a look at BBB’s hot topics for June 2019!

    1 Whether you’re flying overseas or taking a road trip this summer, make sure to “Ask BBB” first. Check out the BBB rating, complaint history, and customer reviews for everything from car rental companies to restaurants at bbb.org.

    2 If you’re looking for love online, watch out for signs of a romance scam. A consumer told BBB she met someone online who claimed to be a doctor for the UN and asked her for money so he could return home. Never send money to someone you don’t know!

  • Restoring Hope

    When hurricanes Matthew and Florence dealt back-to-back blows of catastrophic damage and flooding across North Carolina and other coastal states in 2017 and 2018, the destruction made headlines across the USA.

    Long after the news accounts stopped as the media moved to other current events, however, the people in those storm-damaged areas have been left with the arduous, continuing task of recovering.

  • Letter to the Editor - June 19, 2019

    Dear Editor,

       Unfortunately we are constantly reading about low voter turnout come election time. In the recent Kentucky primary election in May, voter turnout was predicted to be a paltry 12.5% of registered voters but a better than expected 20% actually came out to vote. While better than expected, that’s only 1 in 5 registered voters. While we do not know the exact number, we know that there are many unregistered voters in Kentucky.

  • Hodgenville News - June 19, 2019


    Thought for the week:

    A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.

  • Community News - June 19, 2019


    Let’s continue in prayer for the families of those who have lost ones due to various acts of violence, injuries, or sickness, and all the sick and shut-ins, hospitals, nursing homes, institutions, jailhouses, prison walls, rehabs, the homeless, men and women fighting for our country, our law enforcement, our country, violence, turbulent weather, throughout the country, our President, The White House, and most of all, pray for one another.

    Happy belated Fathers Day to all fathers.

  • An Essay in Support of the Responsibility of Government
  • WKU Forensics Team named national champions

    The WKU Forensics Team has been named the national champions of the 2019 American Forensic Association National Individual Events Tournament, after a two-month investigation found that two students of the original winning school had violated the league’s code of standards.

    The WKU Forensics Team had been announced in April as second place, but this change makes WKU the AFA NIET team sweepstakes champions for the first time since 2015.

  • Four LaRue County students win $1,000 HMH Auxiliary scholarships

    The HMH Auxiliary is pleased to award twenty $1,000 Auxiliary Scholarships to area students from across the region who are pursuing a degree in the medical field. The four LaRue County students are Sarah Calhoun, Emma Bell, Kayla McCoy, and Malerie Skaggs, all of LaRue County High School.

     The HMH Auxiliary scholarship program has been in place for close to three decades. This year was especially competitive with approximately 70 students applying from all around HMH’s 10-County region.