Today's News

  • Revolutionary Revolution

    The Colonel John Hardin Chapter Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) held a monthly meeting on July 27 at the Hardin County History Museum, where ECTC Professor Douglas Cantrell gave an enlightening presentation on the American Revolution entitled “ Revolutionary Revolution.” Many of the events of the French Indian War resulted in the United Kingdom accumulating excessive debt and their subsequent actions on the American Colonies directly contributed to the colonist revolting.

  • Beef Bash moved to Versailles

    Beef Bash 2019, a unique field day for Kentucky beef cattle producers, will take place Sept. 26 at the UK C. Oran Little Research Farm in Versailles. The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the Kentucky Beef Integrated Resource Management Program and the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association will host the event.

    Since 2008, the bash has been at the UK Research and Education Center in Princeton, but organizers wanted to reach more producers. Going forward, Beef Bash will annually rotate between the Western and Central Kentucky locations.

  • He Restores My Soul

    We get hurt because life is tough and we know failure, frustration, discouragement, despair and depression along the way. I watch a lot of old westerns on TV and one scene in many of them is the cowboy hurt, in the desert, and his canteen dry. Most of the time he is rescued from some source -- found by a friend, waterhole, etc. This is the picture I have in mind when the Psalmist says, “He restores my soul” (23:2). The person is down and out and needs help. How does God restore our soul?

  • Gift of failing


    Recently, I attended a leadership summit with a slate of world-class, successful leaders as speakers.

    Most, if not all, talked about their failures and how they value them.

    Bear Grylls, a British former SAS serviceman and survivalist who once climbed Mt. Everest, talked about how he failed his first attempt at joining the elite SAS and how it only made him work harder and made him a better soldier.

  • Late summer is the best time to establish cool-season forages

    The period from late summer into early fall is the best time to establish common cool-season grasses such as orchard grass, tall fescue, timothy and bluegrass for pasture or hay in Kentucky. These four grasses make up 95 percent of our pasture acreage.

    Many years of research have shown this period provides the best chance for successful establishment. Mother Nature has a hand in this because seed produced in late spring remains dormant until late summer, and early fall rainfall provides the moisture necessary for the seed to germinate.

  • LCS Personnel Changes

    The LaRue County School Board heard the following personnel changes at their August 19, 2019 meeting.

    Accepted the Recommendation of Employment of:

    Lisa Keown as Food Service Asst. for LCMS

    Tessa Goodman as Food Service Asst. for LCMS

    Mary Lou Newton as Part-time Intervention Teacher for HES

    Mary Owen as Part-time Intervention Teacher for HES

    Mitzi Allen as Part-time Intervention Teacher for HES

    Connie Shawler as Part-time Intervention Teacher for HES

  • LaRue Schools Special Education received over $60,000 in grants


     Kentucky Governor’s Office of Early Childhood awarded LaRue County Schools’ special education department a series of early childhood grants totaling over $60,000, Dr. Rhonda Simpson, Director of Special Education, announced last week.

    A $45,000 Quality Improvement Grant offers LaRue County Schools the ability to provide new initiatives, educational tools, resources, and books to families of young children.

  • Groundbreaking Grant Shown to Mitigate Impact of Childhood Trauma

    Semple Elementary first-grade teacher Christina Carter read a story to her class about a child who faced stressful events every day, making it hard to focus at school. After the story, she gave her students a prompt – if Ms. Carter only knew. Some of the responses were eye-opening.

    “If Ms. Carter only knew ... I get my sister ready in the morning and that’s why we are always late.”

    “If Ms. Carter only knew ... I live with my grandparents because my mom and dad are both in jail.”

    And the most heartbreaking one...

  • Newton’s Bring the Farm to Louisville

    Ray Newton and his wife Marlene work together along with 30 other dedicated individuals that come back and help each year at the Kentucky State Fair.

    Ray Newton of Newton’s Homemade Ice Cream uses antique hit and miss engines to make ice cream ‘like momma and daddy used to make’.

  • Lincoln General Store Grand Reopening