Today's News

  • County government considers health plans

    With the deadline approaching for choosing an insurance carrier and plan for the next year, LaRue County Fiscal Court magistrates listened to a presentation explaining different types of coverage including a health reimbursement account.

    Phil Brown, an insurance agent affiliated with the Kentucky Association of Counties, took questions from magistrates and audience at the courthouse in Hodgenville Aug. 8 as he showed a PowerPoint presentation on health insurance.

  • Try to be more open in dealings with others

    “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another, Proverbs 27:17

    How do you handle correction? By taking offense? By hearing it as rejection? By getting defensive? All of us need people who will be honest with us because we’re easily blinded by our egos. When God sends somebody to correct you it’s because he loves you. He only does that to those he values.

    “If you are not disciplined … then you are illegitimate children and not true sons” Hebrews 12:8. Check your credentials.

  • Lady Hawks kick Hart County

    The LaRue County Lady Hawks continued their winning ways Sept. 8 against Hart County. The Lady Hawks won 25-11, 25-27 and 25-7.

    “We played a great first and third set with Hart County tonight. The second set was great as well until we stopped playing to win and started making mistakes,” said Coach Ben Schell.

  • Division of Forestry awards $3,000 grant to LaRue

    The LaRue County Fire Department received a $3,000 grant from the Kentucky Division of Forestry.

    The grant was a portion of $490,088 given to communities and fire departments through the Volunteer Fire Assistance grant program and the Firewise Community grant program.

  • Wounded Warrior presents Lincoln portrait to park

    Sgt. 1st Class Arthur Jones doesn’t consider himself an artist, but when he saw a portrait of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Museum in Hodgenville, he made up his mind that he would make his own portrait of the 16th President.

    Instead of paint and brush, however, Jones used all Lincoln-head pennies, including some that were minted in 1909, 100 years after the Great Emancipator was born. 

    Lincoln holds a special place in Jones’s heart, partly because the sergeant is a native Kentuckian.

  • LaRue's girls' soccer team defeats Monroe 7-1

    The LaRue County Lady Hawks soccer team ventured on a long trip Aug. 31 to Monroe County and emerged victorious, 7-1. So dominating was the victory, the first of the season, that five different players left their mark on the scoreboard.

    Not to be outdone, the middle-school attackers wrestled against the high-school junior varsity and played them to a 1-1 draw.

    Junior Shelby Mouser began the onslaught after receiving a long kick from fellow junior Justine Scroggins. Scroggins took a free kick from midfield and delivered the ball to Mouser’s feet.

  • Didn’t like Lincoln Days cartoon

    I take issue with the editorial cartoon published in the Herald News Sept. 9.

  • Upton Days Festival under way

    The Upton Days Festival begins Friday evening with baby, food and coloring contests and karaoke.

    All events will be in the Community Center at 377 College St. There is a $2 admission fee at the door for all events with no charge for ages 10 and younger.

    Kathy Williamson, one of the event’s organizers, said she has fielded several calls about the baby contest from non-local residents. The contest is limited to Upton residents only.

  • Cardboard Nation fundraiser is tonight

    Sleeping in a cardboard box may not seem like an enjoyable night, but this Friday, there are over a hundred locals who will choose to do just that. The event is called Cardboard Nation and it allows citizens to experience homelessness for one evening by sleeping in a cardboard box and eating from a soup kitchen without the simple pleasures of life such as electronic games, cell phones or even a pillow.

  • Hawks defeat Green by 1

    Down to the last seconds, the Hawks pulled together a scoring drive to beat fourth-ranked and undefeated Green County at Greensburg 28-27 with 19.7 seconds on the clock during a  rainy Friday night.

    Hawks coach Rodney Armes gave accolades to both defensive and offensive efforts.

    “Our offensive line did such a tremendous job Friday night,” Armes said, “we ran the ball 95 percent of the time with sophomore Jordan Brewer being the difference maker.”

    Brewer got the nod as the starting quarterback Friday.