Today's News

  • Graduation Donation
  • Christmas Blessings in July

    Santa Claus is coming to town this summer. Nathan Wheeler, the volunteer director for the Christmas Blessings program (formerly known as the Santa’s Helpers/Santa Bus) wants to inform the community of their upcoming event, Christmas in July. The whole month of July, various churches around the community will be accepting donations of new or very gently used toys to give them a supply to start with for the program. This event will run for the entire month of July, and Wheeler stated they will probably do this event again in November.

  • News of Record

    Court Briefs

    Heaven Lynn McFadden was arraigned for third degree burglary, first degree criminal mischief, and theft by unlawful taking.

    Samuel Andrew McFadden was arraigned for third degree burglary, first degree criminal mischief, and theft by unlawful taking.

    Lou Ann Smith was arraigned for speeding 26 mph over the speed limit and failure of license to be in possession.

    Katrina Gill was arraigned for violation of Kentucky EPO/DVO.

  • 14 indicted by LaRue County Grand Jury

    The LaRue County Grand Jury handed down fourteen indictments on Monday, May 21 that included murder and a wide variety of drug charges. All fourteen who were indicted will be arraigned in LaRue County Circuit Court on Monday, June 4.

  • Insha Allah and I follow

    I signed up for my college Arabic class a year ago on no other basis than I felt a calling by God to do so. I have listened to enough testimonials to understand that, as ridiculous as it can sound saying it out loud, it’s usually when you know God is about to lead you down a really neat path.

    The professor was quick to assign a, albeit reluctant, native speaker to sit next to me, who to this day has to answer a lot of my questions even though he’s already gone home for the summer.

  • Community news

    Sue Curle French, a LaRue County High School graduate, was sworn in to the Supreme Court of Georgia, the Court of Appeals of Georgia and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia on Thursday, May 24. Her reply was: “To God be the glory!” I wish Howard and Margaret Curle were alive to witness this. Who would have thought? A little poor black girl from Hodgenville, Kentucky would receive and achieve such an honor.

  • hodgenville news

    Thought for the week:

    Be the reminder, the inspiration, the encouragement, the responsibility and the spark of positivity, because how you treat people matters. 

    Double snap, it is early deadline. This will be sweet and short for sure.

  • Williamson publishes children’s book

    Sue Williamson has joined the ranks of published authors of children’s books. Her work, A Teacher’s Hands, became available last month.

    The project, however, actually began in 2012 as a poem honoring a co-worker, Heather Sutherland, who was LaRue County’s 2012 ExCEL Teacher of the Year.

  • Congressman Guthrie visits LaRue

    U.S. Congressman Brett Guthrie held his annual “Conversations with Constituents” event in LaRue County on Friday, May 25 at the LaRue County Extension Center in Hodgenville. Guthrie visits all 21 counties that he represents in his district to discuss issues facing the nation and to also answer any questions. Guthrie is pictured talking with people during the LaRue County event. 

  • Congratulations Graduates!

    2018 graduates, we congratulate you!  Certainly you have worked hard to achieve this honor, but no one can rest on his/her laurels. “Commencement” means “a beginning or start, launch, kickoff.” 

    As you conclude your high school years and begin a new chapter in your life, I want to pose this question to you as I would also ask my grandson who is a high school graduate:  “What is in your heart?”  Men and women are made by the things which are in their hearts.