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  • 95th celebration for Allean Skaggs
  • Welcome, teachers, to LaRue County Schools

    As the 2014-15 school year begins, several new teachers will greet students in LaRue County Schools.

    Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

    Nancy Lane, a reading intervention/reading recovery teacher who grew up in New Haven resides in Buffalo.

    One interesting fact about her is, “I love to be crafty.” She is looking forward to “working closely with the students and staff to meet the needs in the area of early literacy instruction.”

  • Staying cool at the pool
  • Skeleton in a Jeep
  • Multiple break-ins plague Park

    Hodgenville City Police continue to investigate a break-in that occurred last weekend at LaRue County Park and Recreation.

    Groundskeeper Brience Willian said someone entered a storage building and took some of his Craftsman tools and a string trimmer. It appeared they purposely took only items belonging to him, he added.

    Last month, his 6X12-foot lawnmower trailer was stolen from Park and Rec.

    In all, he has lost about $1,600 worth of items to thieves in the last two months, he said.

  • Brewer’s choice: Family more important than trophies

    When school begins today in LaRue County, one familiar face will be missing in the halls of LaRue County High School.

    Alexis Brewer, 17-year-old Lady Hawks basketball standout, confirmed Sunday, she has enrolled in Bardstown High School, in lieu of finishing her senior year at LaRue County schools.

    Brewer is reported to be one of the top-10 recruits in the state, and has broken numerous records in her career at LaRue. A contender for Miss Kentucky Basketball, Brewer said “I just want to have a good senior year, and enjoy the time with my dad.”

  • Sheep and goats on the rise in LaRue

    The farm landscape has changed in LaRue County in the past few years. The fastest growing herds are goats and sheep, rather than beef or dairy cattle, according to Gil Myers of Magnolia.

    Myers, a goat and sheep producer himself, said there are many reasons to start your own flock.

    “Many people, like myself, got into goats for clearing brush,” he said. “Goats can eat up to six-feet off the ground.”

    They complement cattle because they eat weeds that cattle won’t touch.

  • Chiggers, what an itch!

    There was a little chigger that wasn’t any bigger than the point of a very fine pen.… is the beginning of a youth camping song.

    Just thinking about chiggers makes me itch.

    You’ll find chiggers in the good old summertime in overgrown bushy areas, in shady humid areas near stream banks, and under or around shade trees or in berry thickets.

  • Harvest season comes again

    Steve LaRue

    Groundhog Hill

    August, named in honor of the deified Roman Emperor Augustus, is the month of harvest.

    This month at Groundhog Hill, I hope to harvest Peruvian purple corn, late top crop green beans, a few Rutgers and Cherokee purple tomatoes, sunflowers, cantaloupes, radishes, and of course, zinnias.

    So far, the purple corn is taking its own (and hopefully, sweet) time. The other day, I urged the now-gigantic stalks in both English and in Spanish to hurry up and to produce some bloody corn.

  • Hawks: Ability, Belief, Commitment, Dedication

    By David Dawson


    When it comes to sports philosophy some coaches use advance terminology with their teams. But, for the LaRue County Hawks Soccer team it is as simple as “ABCD.” Ability, Belief, Commitment and Dedication is the philosophy the Hawks have adopted this season.

    The Hawks soccer team hopes to improve on a 7-11, 2013 campaign under second-year Head Coach Derek Bell by making the alphabet a part of their daily routine. According to Coach Bell the season should start slow and gain momentum.