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  • Church Calendar

    Clothing Closet

    South Fork Baptist Church has a clothing closet that is open to the public from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. For more information call 270-325-3626.

    Three Night Revival

  • LCMS Girls Basketball takes two from West Hardin

    On Monday, September 24, the LCMS Lady Hawks hosted the Lady Lakers from West Hardin Middle School as week seven of the girl’s middle school basketball schedule began. The 7th grade Lady Hawks tipped off the night of basketball as the Lady Hawks took an early 6-3 after one quarter of play.

  • WKU forensics team opens season as tournament host

    The WKU Forensics Team kicked off its competitive season by hosting the WKU/Alumni Fall Forensic Tournament on WKU’s campus the weekend of September 21-23.

  • Gain In the Pain

    In High School, I remember our school’s wrestling team having t-shirts that read “No pain, no gain!” That common expression often motivates people to purposeful physical pain for the purpose of self-improvement. But what about pain that is unwanted, unwelcome, or unfading? Is there gain in that? God has a lot to say about suffering, here are a few of His truths for our seasons of pain:

  • What Do You Think of Christ?

    Many questions confront man today such as where to live?  What career?  Who to marry?  But there is a universal question facing every individual which Jesus raised Himself as He spoke to a group of Pharisees in Matthew 22:42 -- “What think ye of Christ?”  

    All the questions we may face pales in the face of this great question.  I would hasten to say of Christ that He is God’s Son, He loves you, He died for you and He wants the best for you.

  • LCHS Gifted and Talented to see McConnell
  • Morning fitness at HES

    They walk; they talk; they run, but most of all early arriving students to Hodgenville Elementary School start their day with 15 minutes of moving in what is called Morning Fitness or Fitness Club.

    “The purpose of early morning fitness is so that students get some fitness in their life,” said Melissa Pearman, HES Family Resource Center coordinator.” “It also helps them to release some energy so they can better focus when they get to class.” 

  • Gowen to host Houdini show

    Hold your breath, cause this show will surely take it away. Dinky Gowen, Master of Illusion, presents Houdini Magic and Escape Show at the Historic State Theater.

    In honor of the great Houdini, this show will feature some of Houdini’s greatest escapes and illusions, including Houdini’s famous water torture chamber performed by Adriane Phoenix.

  • Finding Happiness in Waiting

    “The course of my life is in your power.” – Psalm 31:15

  • School Safety a Pressing Priority

    In a time when we hear far too many stories about violence in schools, lawmakers across the country should be working towards solutions to this epidemic.

    The stories we have seen about gun violence in schools are heartbreaking. Every child should expect to get on the bus every day and arrive at a safe and secure learning environment, and parents should not be worried about whether or not their son or daughter will make it home at the end of the day.