Local News

  • Bid awarded at fiscal court meeting

    LaRue County Fiscal Court, meeting at the courthouse in Hodgenville on June 26, awarded bids for road department related products.

    Bid winners included: Emulsion—Asphalt Materials, Elizabethtown; Fuel--Key Oil, Hodgenville; Blacktop Hot Mix—Scotty’s Contracting, Elizabethtown; Rock—Hanson Aggregates, Upton.

  • It’s Mosquito Season

    Once again it’s the time of year when the vampirific insects come out of hiding to terrorize the residents of LaRue County. What real threat do they pose, and what can you do to stop them?

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that stagnant water attracts the greatest number of mosquitoes, but not just any water will do. Now, while there’s no need to worry about your chlorine pools or decorative filtered fountains, you should be on the look out for standing water in some of the most overlooked places.

  • New Lincoln Trail Youth Academy explores local careers

    The new Lincoln Trail Youth Academy is offering a summer job like no other. It’s an opportunity for young adults to explore local careers in high-demand fields, gain work experience and learn the job search and soft skills they need for long-term success.

    Plus, they’ll earn $9 per hour for their time spent at a workplace or in a classroom.

  • Making art from your memory

    Every artist has her favorite subjects.

    For Jordan Nunn, LaRue County Public Library’s July artist of the month, that subject is trees.

    “Trees are my favorite because the branches are so complex,” the Magnolia mother of three said. “I also like the way the light shines through the leaves, casting shadows on the grass.”

    The former Elizabethtown resident who moved to LaRue County this year said her mother, Brenda Crabtree, is her role model.

  • 100th Birthday

    William L. Wilson of Linwood will celebrate his 100th Birthday with a reception from 2-4p.m. EST Saturday, June 30, 2018. The reception will be in the fellowship hall of Magnolia Baptist Church located at 4745 S L & N Turnpike in Magnolia, KY.

    Mr. Wilson was born on July 5, 1918, An Army Veteran, Mr. Wilson served during WWII in the Philippines. He is a deacon emeritus at Magnolia Baptist Church and has served as a Sunday School teacher most of his adult life. He is the church's oldest member.

  • Safety First

    When it comes to farming, few things are as important as practicing safety. That is why on Thursday, June 21, 2018 a farm safety-training course was held at the LaRue County Extension Office.

    This event was organized by 15-year-old Isaiah Pruitt in conjunction with his FFA chapter. Pruitt said, “This has been a passion of mine. Farm safety is so important and I would love to make a career out of keeping my county safe.”

  • Harmon Releases Audit of LaRue County Sheriff’s Office

    State Auditor Mike Harmon recently released the audit of the 2017 financial statement of LaRue County Sheriff Russell McCoy. State law requires the auditor to annually audit the accounts of each county sheriff. In compliance with this law, the auditor issues two sheriff’s reports each year: one reporting on the audit of the sheriff’s tax account, and the other reporting on the audit of the fee account used to operate the office.

  • Tax changes good for our economy

    On July 1, a tax plan that broadens Kentucky’s tax base while lowering income tax rates will take effect.

    This plan is the first step toward lowering the state income tax closer to zero. It also begins the transition to a system that doesn’t punish work and job-creation – but rewards it. This means leaving more money in the paychecks of middle-class families and business owners. It also means modernizing our tax code to coincide with the way our economy has moved, and broadening the tax base to cover more services while lowering the income tax.

  • Joyride begins in LaRue

    Lincoln Parkway northbound looked like a scene out of the movie series “Fast and Furious” on Tuesday, June 19 around 2:46 p.m. after an Indiana man led police on a high speed chase that started in LaRue County and ended in Bullitt County.

  • Refurbishing Hodgenville

    The scenery around this small town has been changing quite a bit over the last year, and there’s a reason for that: in August 2017, the Hodgenville City Council passed a code of enforcement ordinance, and the community has been working hard to beautify the town.