• House Bill 1 addresses special districts

     The State Senate voted 23-10 Wednesday to pass House Bill 1, which will reform a $2.7 billion layer of government in the Commonwealth. The bill, however, was amended in the Senate State and Local Government Committee earlier in the day to give fiscal courts control over special districts – a proposal that Auditor Adam Edelen, House Speaker Greg Stumbo, who is the bill sponsor, and the majority of fiscal courts oppose. 

  • City Council: Show me the money

     Several Hodgenville City Council members had money on their minds at Monday’s meeting.

  • LaRue's special districts are in good standing, despite Auditor's website glitches

     Auditor Adam Edelen has unveiled a public database and report that purport to shine light on special districts, a $2.7 billion layer of government in the Commonwealth that he says has “operated in the shadows for decades.”

  • Planning and Zoning Permits - February 2013

     Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning Permits and Rezonings

    Information compiled from Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning records

    Gary Sparks, Thomas Lane, Hodgenville, conditional  use permit

    David Copley, Campbellsville Road, Hodgenville, conditional use permit

    Mike Trew, Tanner Road, Hodgenville, deck, post

    Randall Mather, Tanner Road, Hodgenville, residence, relocated

    Justin Lafollette, N. Greensburg Street, Hodgenville, conditional use permit

  • GOP splits over immigration and terrorism play out

     WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Party divisions over immigration, anti-terrorism and other issues are bubbling to the surface just as President Barack Obama shows a new interest in capitalizing on GOP differences.

  • Redistricting proposal looks like last year's

     The House State Government Committee just approved House Bill 2, the redistricting plan designed by House Democrats but reportedly with input from some of the area caucuses.

    LaRue County would become part of a revised 24th District, along with all of Green and Marion County.

    Eleven Republican incumbents would be pitted against each other in five of the six districts.

  • Shoffner retires as Edlin steps in as sheriff

     For a few hours Thursday, Feb. 28, LaRue County had two sheriffs.

  • County 'nullifies' new state laws

     LaRue Fiscal Court sent a message to Frankfort last week by holding first reading of an ordinance that says “Phooey” to new state laws.

  • Merle Edlin appointed sheriff

     Former LaRue County Sheriff Merle Edlin was sworn in Thursday afternoon as interim sheriff.

    Shoffner, who resigned effective Feb. 28 due to health reasons, was midway through his third term.


    Edlin said he was not planning to run for the office. A new sheriff will be elected and take office immediately after the November 2014 election, according to LaRue County Judge/executive Tommy Turner.

  • PHOTO: Conservative Award

     Congressman Brett Guthrie, left, was recently awarded the “Conservative Award” by the American Conservative Union Foundation. The award is given to Members of Congress who score above 80 percent on the voting record determined by the ACU.  Al Cardenas, the chairman of the ACU is pictured with Congressman Guthrie.