• Field day scheduled in Magnolia

    An agricultural field day will take place at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, August 28 at the farm of Brad Hines in Magnolia at 11945 North Jackson Highway. The purpose of the event is to display his recently installed Best Management Practices project to the community.

    The free event is open to the public and will feature tours of the installed best management practices, soil and water conservation demonstrations and information, games for kids, and lunch.

  • Fair results - sheep show

    County Showmanship


    Emily Sallee – First


    Alexis Grimes – First

    Abby Sallee – Second

    Open Youth Showmanship


    Ady Mae Williams – First

    Emily Sallee – Second


    Wyatt Acey – First

    Alexis Grimes – Second

    Abby Sallee – Third


    Taylor Graves – First

    Briann Williams – Second

    Orry Williams – Third

  • Fair results - Goat show

    Open Youth

    Goat Show

    Dairy Goat Showmanship

    Pee Wee

    First - Hayden Haycraft


    First – Kaylee Haycraft


    First – Aaron Elswick, Champion Showmanship,

    Market Goat Showmanship

    Pee Wee

    First – Ady Mae Williams


    First – Bailey Grider

    Second – Jamie Grimes


    First – Alexis Grimes

    Second – Meredith Bartley

  • Fair results - beef show

    2015 Beef Show Results

    Open Showmanship

    (8 years or less)

    Ella Thomas – Blue

    Cody Heath – Blue

    Ady Mae Williams – Blue

    Clayton Bell – Blue

     Open Showmanship (9-12 years)

    Emily Caffee – First

    Brayden Lancaster – Second

    Open Showmanship (13-15)

    Kailey Thompson – First

    Shayla Clark – Second

    Open Showmanship (16-21)

    Connor Jaggers – First


  • Fair results - dairy show

    Open Dairy Cattle Show


    Jr. Calf

    First – Madison Davis

    Second – JCC Ayrshire

    Third – JSB Acres

    Intermediate Calf

    First – JCC Ayrshire

    Second – Happy Acres Dairy

    Third – JSB Acres

    Sr. Calf

    First – JSB Acres

    Second – Happy Acres Dairy

    Summer Yearling

    First – Happy Acres Dairy

    Second – Michaela Rock

    Jr. Yearling

  • 4-H project results

    Jr. Folk Art

    Brayden McCandless – Blue & Class Champion

    Jr. Weaving

    Madison Wilmoth – Blue & Class Champion

    Brayden McCandless – Blue

    Jr. Nature Craft

    Brayden McCandless - Blue & Class Champion

    Jr. Leather Craft

    Tommy Wilmoth - Blue & Class Champion

    Madison Wilmoth – Blue

    Jr. Original Design Ceramics

    Madison Wilmoth - Blue & Class Champion

    Alexis Grimes – Blue

    Kelsey Hornback – Blue

  • Open agricultural display results

    Youth Class 16 and Under

    Red Tomatoes

    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Yellow Tomatoes

    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Largest Tomato

    First – Cyrus Bivens


    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Bunch Beans

    First - Cyrus Bivens

    Peppers, Hot, Bell or Sweet

    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Irish Potatoes

    First – Cyrus Bivens


    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Fruits & Vegetables

    Bush Beans

  • 4-H Poultry show results

    Stauge Jones, Sr. Division

    Cockerel, Standard – Blue, Class Champion, Senior Champion

    Jamie Grimes, Cloverbud Division

    Pullett, Standard – Blue, Cloverbud Champion

    Pullett, Standard – Blue

    Pullett, Standard - Blue

    Tara Warren, Jr. Division

    Pullett, Standard – Blue, Class Champion, Junior Champion & Junior Champion

    Tom Male Turkey – Blue, Class Champion

    Alexis Grimes, Jr. Division

    Pullett, Standard – Blue

  • Open Hay show results

    Triple Crown – Pure Alfalfa

    First – Wendell McDowell

    Second – Jerry Gaddie

    Third – Kelly Flanders

    KY Pride – Pure Alfalfa

    First – Jerry Gaddie

    Second – Wendell McDowell

    Third – Larry Elliott

    Best Bale – Pure Alfalfa

    Jerry Gaddie

    Triple Crown – Alfalfa/Grass Mix

    First – Wendell McDowell

    Second – Kalli Flanders

    Third – Larry Elliott

  • Open crop show results

    10 Ears New Yellow Corn

    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Second – Andrew Bell

    Third – Avery Bivens


    First – Andrew Bell

    Second – Avery Bivens

    Third – Cyrus Bivens

    Yellow Ear Corn, prev crop

    Kalli Flanders - Blue & Class Champion

    Yellow Ear Corn, this year crop

    *Cyrus Bivens – Blue