• Buffalo girl kills first deer
  • Farm Calendar

    Young Farmers to meet

  • Harrison retires after 40 years

    LaRue County Extension Agent David Harrison recently announced that he will retire in January.

    Harrison is the extension agent for agriculture and natural resources. His last day will be January 6, 2016.

    Harrison has served as an agriculture extension agent for LaRue County since 1980 and he also served as an agent for Hardin County from 1975 to 1980. After serving as an extension agent for more than 40 years and more than 35 years in LaRue County, Harrison said his retirement is bittersweet.

  • Body condition score helps determine cow’s nutritional status

    Early winter is an optimum time to prepare spring-calving herds for reproductive success. Adequate nutrition from about 50 to 80 days prior to calving is critical to maximize a cow’s ability to rebreed and maintain a 365 day calving interval. If a cow gets inadequate nutrition or is thin at calving and breeding, she will take longer to come into heat and will require more services to conceive.

  • 4-H Sewing Club
  • Farm Calendar – December 2, 2015

    Beef Meeting

    The LaRue County Beef Cattle Association will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 8 at the fellowship annex of the First Baptist Church on 730 Tonieville Road in Hodgenville. This will be their Annual Christmas/Awards Dinner for the association. Reservations are required by Friday, December 4. To make your reservations call 270-358-3401. A fee will be charged for non-members.

    Young Farmers to meet

  • 4-H Calendar - December 2, 2015

    4-H Awards Banquet

    The annual 4-H Awards Banquet will be held on Monday, December 7 at the LaRue County Extension Office.  Members who completed record books or the Awards Points Form will be recognized.  The meal is potluck and please call 270-358-3401 to RSVP. 

    4-H Enrollment

    LaRue County 4-H members will need to complete a new enrollment form for the 2015-2016 program year. New forms are now available at the Extension Office.  Call 270-358-3401 for more information.

    4-H Fundraisers

  • Coleman harvested eight point buck
  • Beef and hay, three things to consider now

    The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) has an excellent hay and haylage testing program for LaRue County farmers.  A toll free call to the KDA Forage Testing Program 1-800-248-4628 will get a trained individual to come to the farm, take samples of your hay/haylage and get the test results back in a short period of time.

  • County soybean variety plot results

    The LaRue County Extension Service annually conducts corn and soybean variety trial plots in cooperation with a local farmer and participating grain companies. The plots demonstrate how specific varieties can perform under local conditions for a given year.

    Both the corn and soybean plots were in cooperation with Ryan Bivens of Fresh Start Farms. They have been our cooperator for the last three years and it has been really appreciated.