• Efficient soybean harvest and storage

    It has been estimated that an average operator will leave from 2 to 4.5 bushels of soybeans per acre in the field (5 to 10% loss). Considering the price of soybeans ($10/bu), reducing losses from 10% to 5% results in a savings of $22.50 per acre. Measure harvest losses (4 seeds per square foot = 1 bu/ac loss) and strive to keep them below 3%.

  • Construction started on extension office expansion

    Construction is underway at the LaRue County Extension Office in Hodgenville as they are adding around 2,000 square feet to their existing building for more meeting space.
    The expansion will include a foyer area, hallway, an expandable partition wall and more meeting room space. Bids for contractors were accepted in the spring. Daniel Carpenter, LaRue County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources, said locally owned and operated John Bell Construction received the bid for $253,493.

  • Lincoln Trail Youth Salute setup
  • Stink bug management

    A stinky brown army is marching across Kentucky this fall, accidentally entering your homes and offices and they look for protective overwintering sites. Brown marmorated stink bugs leave a stain and a very unpleasant odor when mashed. Once winter ends, the insects move on and resume their normal life cycle. But they can leave a path of plant damage in their wake. You take charge and reclaim your structures and fields from these invaders.

  • Reed calls on Fish and Wildlife to provide relief for farmers

    State Representative Brandon Reed of Hodgenville recently filed BR 81, a House Concurrent Resolution aimed at protecting Kentucky farmers and their livestock from black vultures.

    The resolution calls on the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to issue more migratory bird depredation permits, as well as Kentucky Farm Bureau-issued sub-permits to allow farmers to legally take black vultures that are depredating their livestock.

  • 4-H Calendar - October 4, 2017

    Cotton Candy

    LaRue County 4-H will be selling cotton candy during Lincoln Days on October 7-8. If you would like to volunteer to help at the booth, please contact the Extension Office at 270-358-3401.

    Country Ham Auction

    LaRue County 4-H Country Ham project participants will be auctioning off hams during Lincoln Days on Saturday, October 7 on the main stage immediately following the parade. Please come out to support this group of LaRue County 4-Hers.

  • Farm calendar - October 4, 2017

    Hay Testing Day

    The LaRue County Extension Office will be out all day testing hay with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Hay Testing Van on Tuesday, October 10. Cost is $5 per sample for this day only. The cost is normally $10. Please contact the Extension Office at 270-358-3401 to participate.

    LaRue County Cattlemen’s meeting

  • Fall harvest in LaRue County

    Boyd Farms of LaRue County is shown harvesting a ‘bumper crop’ of corn in the fields near Lincoln Parkway in Hodgenville on Friday, September 29. Darrell Boyd said the crop was above average and he expected yields to be over 200 bushels per acre. 

  • LaRue County Corn Variety Trial results

    The LaRue County Cooperative Extension Service annually conducts a corn variety test plot in cooperation with a local farmer and participating grain dealers. The cooperator for 2017 was Shady Rest Farms. Seed companies supply the seed, assist at planting and harvest, and sponsor a field day. Farmers use the yield information, along with other plot data and information to help decide which varieties to grow the following years.

  • Flanders brings home Angus Awards