Today's Features

  • LaRue Baptist Church

    LaRue Baptist Church Vacation Bible School this week will be held July 12-15 from 6:30- 8:30 p.m. This year theme is “Kidz Storm Magic Factory”. There will be classes for ages 5 through 12 only. If families are in need of transportation, or have any questions, call 270-734-2811.

    Buffalo Church of Nazarene

  • As I write this I am between plane flights on my way to Ghana, West Africa. On previous trips we were always confronted with the issue of idolatry, a common practice of worshipping small statues for various purposes. I’ve always thought it a bit strange and subconsciously thought that it wasn’t a problem I had or would ever have, but now I wonder…. do I have an idol problem? Do you?

  • Sixty seconds after death, changes take place.  In 1859 Charles Darwin wrote “The Origin of the Species.” He was concerned with where we came from.  But more important than that is where we are going. 

    We have a choice.  The Bible tells us that our days on Earth are few and pass swiftly.  So the Psalmist asks God to “teach us to make the most of our time”  (Psalm 90:12).  

  • The most important question you have to ask yourself when going on vacation or a road trip is “where are we going to eat?”

    The majority of the time the question can be answered with a variety of fast food chain restaurants, but occasionally the average American wants something authentic and local. However, it can be very difficult to find local places to eat, and without a proper review who knows if the food will be good.

  • Molly Kennedy and Tyler Howell of LaRue County announce their engagement and upcoming marriage.

     The bride is the daughter of Wendy and Theresa Kennedy. Molly graduated from LaRue County High School and Western Kentucky University where she attained a Bachelor’s degree in Science. She is employed as a Middle School Math Teacher at New Haven School.