Features https://www.laruecountyherald.com/features/todaysfeatures en Groundbreaking Grant Shown to Mitigate Impact of Childhood Trauma https://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/groundbreaking-grant-shown-mitigate-impact-childhood-trauma <p> Semple Elementary first-grade teacher Christina Carter read a story to her class about a child who faced stressful events every day, making it hard to focus at school. After the story, she gave her students a prompt &ndash; if Ms. Carter only knew. Some of the responses were eye-opening.</p> <p> &ldquo;If Ms. Carter only knew ... I get my sister ready in the morning and that&rsquo;s why we are always late.&rdquo;</p> <p> &ldquo;If Ms. Carter only knew ... I live with my grandparents because my mom and dad are both in jail.&rdquo;</p> <p> And the most heartbreaking one...</p> Newton’s Bring the Farm to Louisville https://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/newton%E2%80%99s-bring-farm-louisville <img src="https://www.laruecountyherald.com/sites/www.laruecountyherald.com/files/imagecache/thumb85/img_0238.jpg" alt="Ray Newton goes old school at the Kentucky State Fair. he uses antique hit and miss engines to make delectable homemade ice cream." title="Ray Newton goes old school at the Kentucky State Fair. he uses antique hit and miss engines to make delectable homemade ice cream." align="left" hspace="6" /><p> Ray Newton and his wife Marlene work together along with 30 other dedicated individuals that come back and help each year at the Kentucky State Fair.</p> <p> Ray Newton of Newton&rsquo;s Homemade Ice Cream uses antique hit and miss engines to make ice cream &lsquo;like momma and daddy used to make&rsquo;.</p> 15 years of ‘Sweet’ Success at State Fair https://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/15-years-%E2%80%98sweet%E2%80%99-success-state-fair <img src="https://www.laruecountyherald.com/sites/www.laruecountyherald.com/files/imagecache/thumb85/use_-_img_0231.jpg" alt="The Sweet Shoppe booth, set up in the West Wing Lobby, now spans over 30 feet." title="The Sweet Shoppe booth, set up in the West Wing Lobby, now spans over 30 feet." align="left" hspace="6" /><p> Patrick Durham and his son Forrest Durham welcome State Fair goers in the West Wing Lobby, where The Sweet Shoppe has been located now in their 15th year at the Kentucky State Fair.</p> <p> What started 15 years ago with eight flavors of fudge and an 8 foot display, has turned into a Kentucky State Fair success for a local Hodgenville business.</p> <p> Pat Durham, owner of The Sweet Shoppe in Hodgenville, KY, reflected back on the first trip to the Kentucky State Fair in a recent interview.</p> Big changes coming for Christmas Blessings program https://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/big-changes-coming-christmas-blessings-program <p> Although Christmas is 6 months away, Christmas Blessings is already gearing up for the holiday season. Substantial changes are being made to the program in hopes that it will provide a quality experience for participating families.</p> <p> A letter from Nathan Wheeler, the director Christmas Blessing that read, &ldquo;This year will be different than last. We learned a lot from our first year and we are hopeful that this year will go smoother.&rdquo;</p> United Way helps LCS expand after-school activities https://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/united-way-helps-lcs-expand-after-school-activities <p> Schools strive to increase attendance, student performance, and parent engagement</p> <p> A partnership with United Way of Central Kentucky (UWCK) will bring new after-school options to children at Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Hodgenville Elementary and LaRue County Middle School during the 2019-20 school year.</p> Chamber kicks off First Friday https://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/chamber-kicks-first-friday <p> Summer is here and that means the return of the LaRue County Chamber of Commerce First Friday&rsquo;s. The first Friday of June, July, and August will be set aside to bring family and friends together in downtown Hodgenville.</p> <p> This Friday, June 7 will kick off the summer events with live music by Limestone Creek, a scavenger hunt that once completed will be entered into a drawing for prizes, as well as food vendors, local businesses that will open extended hours, and all kinds of activities for families in the community to enjoy.</p> Juneteenth to be celebrated in Hodgenville https://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/juneteenth-be-celebrated-hodgenville <p> Juneteenth, also known as Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day, is an American holiday that commemorates the June 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. state of Texas. Its name is a portmanteau of &ldquo;June&rdquo; and &ldquo;nineteenth&rdquo;, the date of its celebration.</p> <p> Today it is observed primarily in local celebrations which will be the case in Hodgenville this year.</p> No Other Name https://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/no-other-name <p> We live in a culture that slips into the false beliefs of pluralism and universalism. Such beliefs hold that individuals can believe in other ways of salvation or believe that all gods are the same. These belief systems are counter to the truth found in the Bible that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ.</p>