• Be the attitude: Be poor in spirit

    The greatest sermon ever preached did not occur in the great cathedrals of the world or by the greatest preachers of all time. The greatest message could not be witnessed on a podcast, YouTube, or television broadcast. Instead, the greatest proclamation occurred on a hillside near the shore of the Sea of Galilee by the Son of God, Jesus. In this message, Jesus countered the cultural ethic and morality by declaring the ethic and morality of the Kingdom of God. To begin, Jesus declared the Beattitudes which truly mark the desired character of the attitude of a believer.

  • Christ supplies every need

    We learn from Jesus’ first miracle, turning the water into wine at Cana,  that He can meet every need.  He performed this first miracle because the wedding couple would be embarrassed if they could not serve their guests.  Their need was for more wine; Jesus met that need.  He is adequate to meet any need you may have.  Philippians 4:19 says, “And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

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    Steadfast Baptist Church Corn Hole Tournament

  • Hatred, bitterness

    Have you ever noticed how much hatred and bitterness fills our world? How easy it is to hold onto anger and resentment? Oftentimes I think we feel ourselves more forgiving than we really are. I recently looked up the definitions for some of these terms, and here is what I found:

    Forgive - to stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake; to cancel (a debt)

    Hate - to feel intense or passionate dislike

    Bitterness - anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly; resentment

  • Put in, take out

    Jesus attended a wedding in Cana.  His mother and disciples were also present.  A wedding was an event where most of the community took part.  The wedding feast and ceremony were usually held the same evening.  The couple was escorted through the streets to their home with as many as possible participating.  The wedding couple instead of going on a honeymoon would have open house for a week and entertain in their wedding clothes.

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    Annual Trail Ride for Christ

  • The Necessity of Sowing

    We all enjoy the harvest. The celebration of fresh fruits and vegetables are a delight. Likewise, it is a delightful celebration when a spiritual harvest takes place. When the seed of the gospel takes root in the life of an unbeliever and he or she responds to the gospel and enters into a relationship with Jesus a harvest celebration commences. Unfortunately, we get so centered on the harvest that we forget that every harvest begins with the sowing of the seed. Where seed is not sown, the harvest will never occur and where the seed is sown, the harvest will happen.

  • Powers of Life

    Dwight L. Moody was asked to conduct a funeral service.  Since this was his first, he went to the Bible to observe what Christ did in His earthly ministry.  He found that Christ broke up every funeral He ever attended.

    One day Jesus was entering the city of Nain and met a funeral procession.  A widow’s son had just died and the burial group was on their way to the cemetery.