• Problems and Your Response

    Problems --- if you don’t have any then this devotion may not be for you.  But I have an idea  that you along with the rest of us either have had a problem, you have one now or you will soon have one.  So our concern today is “Problems and what to do with them.”

    The Book of James is a very practical book --- just five chapters, but when you read it you realize James is speaking to problems that we face today.  He points out four things about problems.

  •  Let’s Grow Up

    Immaturity ---  I’m sure James would say that “immaturity is the number one problem in the world today.”  He would tell us that God’s will for each of us is that we grow up, and in the words of the writer of Hebrews urge us to “go on to maturity” (Hebrews 6:1).

  • CU Chapel Series

    Campbellsville University’s Chapel Series for spring semester 2019 has been announced, according to Ed Pavy, director of campus ministries at the university.

    All chapels are free and open to the public each Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Ransdell Chapel at 401 N. Hoskins Ave., Campbellsville.

    Chapel is designed to provide opportunities for corporate worship and exposure through a variety of informative speakers and presentations, Pavy said.

  • Sick

    I have had a fever for the last twenty-four hours. Yuk. It’s been awhile since I have been sick and I had forgotten how miserable it is to be “under the weather.” It seems like lots of folks have been sick lately, with flu, strep, cold, and the crud being shared and spread around. Does anything good come from these seasons of sickness? Here are a few lessons I’ve learned!

  • Dancing With Lions

    So often, we find that life is difficult to navigate. Temptation lurks around each corner and the world challenges us to adapt and accept the ways and manners of the world. But followers of Jesus are called to live in a manner that exemplifies the residence of Christ in the believer’s heart. Such an example of this style of Christ-filled living occurred in Daniel 6. There, Daniel demonstrated the various dance steps needed to dance with lions.

  • A Vision to Follow

    As we enter a new year the wise men from the Christmas story have a message for us.  We don›t know a lot about them.  We have said there were three because of the three gifts -- there could have been more of the wise men.  When did they come?  Matthew 2:11 indicates it was later when Mary and Joseph and the baby were in a house.

  • Tips for 2019

    How was 2018 for you? How do you think 2019 will go? As much as we may like to guess, we honestly have no idea how the future will exactly play out. 2019 could be the best year you’ve ever had. 2019 could also be the most challenging year you’ve ever had. Here are some tips towards intentionally making 2019 the most amazing year to date:

  • The Unusual Birth of Jesus
  • A Sword and a Baby’s Cry

    The sounds of Christmas --- they are all about us.  There are two from the first Christmas that cause us sadness --- the sound of the soldier’s sword as they go from house to house killing innocent babies and then there is the heart wrenching cry of the babies who are being killed.  This is right in the middle of the Christmas story.  What could these say to us?

  • O Little Town of Bethlehem

    In 1865, Phillip Brooks penned the traditional Christmas Carol, “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” Brooks wrote the carol for the purpose of helping children in Sunday School understand the significance and importance of the birth place of Jesus Christ. He based the hymn on his own personal experience that occurred two years prior when he rode on horse back from Jerusalem to Bethlehem to aid in a Christmas Eve service.