Where Will You Be?

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By George Smith

Sixty seconds after death, changes take place.  In 1859 Charles Darwin wrote “The Origin of the Species.” He was concerned with where we came from.  But more important than that is where we are going. 

We have a choice.  The Bible tells us that our days on Earth are few and pass swiftly.  So the Psalmist asks God to “teach us to make the most of our time”  (Psalm 90:12).  

We live.  We die.  But when this life is over where do we go?  We go somewhere.  This is not the end of it all.  Scientists tell us that we cannot destroy matter.  We can change its form -- liquid to solid to steam.  The Bible teaches that we cannot destroy human personality.  We can change its residence from here to heaven or hell, but we will always be.

There was a time when you were not, but there will never again be a time that you do not exist somewhere.  Long after the stars have fallen you will still be going on.  The body ends, but the soul continues.  You have something in you that is indestructible  --- the breath of God that makes you a living soul.  That is why the spiritual life should receive our main concern.  We are one heartbeat from ending our time here.

The moment the Christian dies he goes to heaven.  His body remains in the grave until the resurrection, but his soul goes into the presence of God.  When the unsaved man dies he goes to hell, but his body remains in the grave until the resurrection.  There are four times the Bible speaks of when the soul went immediately to heaven or hell --- the story of the dying thief in Luke 23:39-43, Paul speaking of being absent from the body but present with the Lord in 2 Corinthians 5:8, the death of Stephen in Acts 7:55-60, and the story of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31.

When we become a member of God’s family through trusting Christ as our Savior, nothing can separate us from the love of Christ (Romans 8:38-39).  You never lose someone who dies in the Lord.  Paul says that the Christian is in the Lord.  So the way to stay close to your loved ones who have gone on is to stay close to the Lord.  If we are alive we are to serve Christ.  If we die we go to be with Him.  Either way we know where the Christian is --- with the Lord.