UPDATE: Couple bonded out on Tuesday

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By Linda Ireland

 A story in last week’s Herald News is being clarified.

The story said officers were searching for James M. Maggard, 61 (age was incorrectly reported last week) and Linda Maggard, 58, after an indoor marijuana grow was found on their property on Peak Hollow Road.

The Maggards turned themselves in Tuesday, June 19, and were released on bond. James Maggard, who is facing two indictments, posted 10 percent/$25,000 and 10 percent/$9,500. Linda Maggard’s bond was $9,500 unsecured.

James Maggard said the story made it appear the couple were running from police – but they turned themselves in as soon as the warrants were issued.

The story was written on Monday, June 16. The newspaper was published Wednesday, June 18.