Sweetheart Tales: Three Valentine stories by readers

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 We asked our readers to share their love stories ­– or those of their loved ones – with us. Three women took the challenge. Many thanks to Diane Skaggs Osborne, Reba Skaggs Duell and Rosanna Williams.


He got what he prayed for

The first time my Dad, J.D. Skaggs, took my mom, Rachel Sidebottom, on a date, he came home and prayed all night to his sweet Lord for her to be his wife.  

He said he loved her from the very beginning.

A few years later and after he returned from Japan in World War II, she became his bride. Their union lasted 59 years.

Many times he told me of their first date and each time those crystal blue eyes would sparkle and that wide grin would come across his face as he remembered his sweetheart – the love of his life.

Proud daughter, Diane Skaggs Osborne 

39 good years: ‘I’m glad I went straight home that day’

Reba Skaggs Duell shared the story of the first time she met her husband, Kenneth.

It was a Tuesday – May 21, 1957.

It was the first hot day of spring. I walked home from my job at the LaRue County Extension office. When I got home, I was hot and sweaty so I took off my clothes and put on an old faded robe – no shoes, no makeup, hair messed up.

 I was in the kitchen talking to my grandmother when I saw a man coming to the front door. I thought he was there to see my granddad.

When I went to the door, he said, “I’m not selling magazines or vacuum cleaners, I came to ask you for a date.”

Who was that man?

I said “Uhh – What’s your name?”

Years later, he told me he’d seen me in town and thought I was pretty but that day he thought he might have made a mistake.

He said “Kenneth Duell.”

I said, “I thought you were dating (someone else).”

He said, “I was but we broke up.”

We went to the drive in on Friday night, May 24. We had a wonderful summer and got married Feb 5, 1958. We were married 39 good years until he died Feb. 21, 1997.

I’m glad I went straight home that day.


Love at Ruthie’s: That was a memorable milkshake

I was 25 and working at Ruthie’s Lincoln Freeze in Hodgenville.

He walked up to the window and I instantly felt butterflies. And I knew, that deep within me, it was love at first sight.

No, I did not know him, but I thought he was the best looking man I had ever seen.

It was spring of 1987 and he ordered a strawberry milkshake.

From then until we married 15 years later, Scott was my favorite customer. And throughout the years, I made him numerous milkshakes and occasionally would reflect on the past and how time had not changed my love for him.

Ruthie’s Lincoln Freeze came down last month. It will be missed by many.

Yes, everything changes and places come and places go, but the love that was found there at the little restaurant window will live on forever in my heart.

Rosanna Williams