Ribbon cutting held for local church

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By Mary Hinds

The LaRue County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, September 22 for Fruition Church, a church that recently opened its doors in Hodgenville and started meeting in the Civic Center in August.

As Pastor Keenan Riley was driving through Chattanooga, Tenn. one night in May he drove past a road sign and found a purpose.

“I was driving through Chattanooga about 2 a.m. one night when I passed a sign that said “Fruition” on it and God just spoke and said ‘That’s going to be the name of your church,’ Riley said. “At the time I had never really even processed doing something like that but as time would later tell, that’s what happened; it kind of just stuck and went.”

Riley drove home, told his wife about the sign and soon his idea began to develop into a reality. The group started small, meeting in a member’s backyard during the summer. In August, the group began meeting in the auditorium space in the Civic Center and has grown to about 45 people.

“We didn’t look like much when it started,” Riley said, “We were in a backyard with dogs over here and neighbors over here but it’s definitely coming together. Part of what appealed to me about the name Fruition was the meaning behind it, bearing fruit and coming to pass. And that’s what we’re seeing, we’re seeing things that people want to see or pray for come to pass.”

Originally from Metcalfe County, Riley moved to Hodgenville about a year ago with his wife and three children and has been involved in ministry for 15 years. He said some of his most rewarding experiences have come from working with jail ministries in surrounding counties.

“When you see someone that’s taken a path that the world writes them off, one thing I like is knowing that you can see their life change. I’ve been on the other side of that talking with guys in jails cells and you can see a visual change - a barrier breaks down. People who others think can’t be changed, that’s the people we want to minister to.” Riley said.

As for Fruition, Riley said the church is eager to invest in the community, and are excited to get to know people in and through Chamber of Commerce events.

“We want to help out the community, to help out other churches in the community and to be a part of the community,” Riley said. “Whether it’s events like candy walks on the square, outreach, meetings or just to be able to minister to somebody, whatever we can do we want to be a part of it to show that we care and that we’re here to help.”

Fruition Church meets in the Civic Center located on 200 S Lincoln Blvd, above City Hall. Service times are Sundays at 11:15 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. and also Wednesdays at 7:15 p.m. For more information visit them on Facebook at facebook.com/FruitionChurch.