Reliable service since 1948

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By Vanessa Hurst

Powell’s Septic Service has been in business since 1948. Silas and Laura Powell relocated to Kentucky from Georgia and eventually settled in Hodgenville.

“Daddy was pulling a trailer through the area when mama spotted a little one-bedroom house and knew where she was going to live. So they traded their trailer for that one bedroom house and 8 acres; it was right there where the BP gas station is.” Claude Powell said.

Powell’s Septic Service was started in 1948 by Silas Powell, Claude Powell’s father.

“Back then there weren’t many septic tanks, most everyone used outhouses. Things have really progressed over the years.”

Powell Septic offers septic system installation, tank service and pumping, roto-router, backhoe service, and the occasional household plumbing service as well. Powells also sells and installs concrete storm shelters.

“We’ve even cleaned drive ways and parking lots when it snows.” Said Powell.

Powell has two employees, Chad White and DC Marcum. Their biggest and most recent project was a septic system for Hodgenville Pentecostal’s new church building. “That system had 600 ft long by 6 ft wide lateral field with 4 tanks.” Powell remarked, “It was quite an undertaking.”

Septic systems have progressed over the years and regulations continue to multiply, “We’re loaded down with regulations,” Powell said as he held up several thick books of septic and EPA regulations. “But we comply with all of them.”

According to Powell, one thing hasn’t changed; Septic systems need regular service.

“When you buy a car and you look in the manual that comes with it; it tells you to change the oil and service it regularly, but say you’re hard-headed and say to yourself: ‘I’m just going to put gas in it and drive, it doesn’t need an oil change,’ well it may drive fine for a while but it’s going to start squalling and eventually seize up. The same goes for a septic system.”

Powell went on to explain how a septic system works, that each septic system is like a mini sewer plant and without regular maintenance its only a matter of time; “It could take 20 years but I’ve seen one blow as soon as five years, but 99 percent of the time a septic system blows because its overused and never serviced.” Powell added, “It should be serviced every two years.”

“Most people don’t think about servicing their tank until it’s too late,” added Chad White.

To contact Powell’s Septic Service call, 270-325-3641 or 270-537-5351.