Reader survey will influence planning and zoning decisions

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By Linda Ireland

LaRue Countians have an opportunity to influence community planning by completing a short survey.
The Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning is offering a nine question survey on their website www.laruecounty.org/pzsurvey and in the June 18 issue of The LaRue County Herald News (See page 5A.) Paper ballots are available at three offices in the LaRue County Courthouse (planning and zoning, county clerk and PVA) and Hodgenville City Hall.
Questions include: “ In respect to their importance to you, please assign a point value (from 5 to 0) to the following issues concerning the future growth and development in Hodgenville/LaRue County:” and “ What type of commercial development would you prefer to see?”
You don’t have to give your name or phone number – unless you want to.
It takes three-to-five minutes to complete.
Planning and Zoning Administrator Bud Ireland said the survey is designed to “get local information to update our comprehensive plan.”
The comprehensive plan is updated every five years. It defines the areas that can be developed for housing or business – or remain agricultural.
“It is one of the tools we use for a rezoning request,” said Ireland.
The survey was suggested by Lincoln Trail Area Development District, who is helping update the comprehensive plan.
“They have done this in other cities in our area,” he said.
There are no immediate incentives to take the survey.
“No prizes are given away,” said Ireland. “Just the satisfaction of your input into the local community and government.”
Surveys must be completed by July 31. Return to Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning, Second Floor, LaRue County Courthouse, 209 W. High St., Hodgenville. For more information, call Ireland at 270-358-0830.