Providing absolute comfort to all

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By Doug Ponder

A LaRue County heating and air conditioning company is striving to provide absolute comfort to business owners and homeowners.

Absolute Comfort Heating and Air is located on 2704 Leafdale Road in Hodgenville. The business does a wide variety of heating and air work including services, replacements and installations of new systems. Absolute Comfort Heating and Air also provides free estimates on any new construction buildings or homes.

Owner Joe Dohn, 50, said he has worked in the heating and air business for almost 24 years. He said he started the company in 2008 and that he officially opened Absolute Comfort Heating and Air in February 2009.

“I started out farming and then I went into carpentry building houses,” Joe Dohn said. “When the carpentry business slowed down, a guy I went to church with got me into heating and air. That’s what I have been doing since then.”

Absolute Comfort Heating and Air is also unique as it’s a completely family run business. Alex Dohn, 31; Carla Hoffie, 27 and Calvin Dohn, 22 all work with their father. Alex and Calvin work in the servicing, installation and repairing of units while Carla works as the secretary and bookkeeper of the business.

All three children said they enjoyed working in a career where they could be with their family and set their own schedule.

“I like working with the family and being my own boss,” Alex Dohn said. “It’s not like other jobs where you have to be there all the time, with this you run your own schedule.”

“I use to work at a factory and I didn’t enjoy it because you always had the same surroundings,” Calvin Dohn said. “With this kind of job you get to travel a lot of places and meet a lot of people.”

“The best thing I like about it is I can work out of my parents house,” Crystal Hoffie said. “I can bring my kids with me to work and it’s free babysitting.”

As far as the name and logo, Joe Dohn said it all came by accident through brainstorming.

“One of us thought it should be absolute heating and air and another one thought it should be comfort, so we combined the two in the end,” Joe Dohn said. “As far as the logo of our smiley face, a smiley face is usually associated with have a nice day, Jesus loves you and things like that. We used it in the logo and it has stuck ever since.”

Joe Dohn went on to say that all of their customers are within a fifty mile radius of Hodgenville. He said they have performed heating and air work on a wide variety of different projects, including one for their church.

“Our church (The Family Worship Center in Hodgenville) bought the former Sunrise Manor nursing home building on Phillips Lane in Hodgenville,” Joe Dohn said. “We are putting in 13 systems there. It’s one of the projects we are most proud of.”

Absolute Comfort Heating and Air has no set hours and they are available by appointment only. For more information call 270-766-8642. You can also visit www.facebook.com/absolutecomfortheatingandair or www.absolutecomforthvacky.com.