Proposed bill would offer sales tax relief to storm victims

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A bill was passed last week in the House of Representatives that may offer relief to victims of the Feb. 29-March 3 storms.

According to Rep. Michael Meredith, who represents LaRue, Edmonson and Hart Counties, HB 165 offers a tax rebate to those who were greatly impacted by recent storms and tornadoes. It cleared the House 96-0 and now goes to the Senate. The bill would offer a refund on sales and use tax paid on materials used to rebuild in areas that are declared to be federal disaster areas.

Another bill, SB 89, which was sent to the governor after passing the House 61-33 on Tuesday, was filed in response to a 2010 crash on Interstate 65 near Munfordville that killed 10 members of a Mennonite family who were riding in a 15-seat van when it collided with a tractor trailer. Reports indicated that most of the van’s passengers were not wearing seat belts at the time of the crash. Current state law only requires seat belt use in vans designed to carry 10 or fewer people.