The Price is Right

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By Kaylan Anderson

Chris Price, the current LaRue County High School assistant Principal, has been selected to be Hodgenville Elementary School’s next principal for the 2018-19 school year.  

The school’s Site-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council is in agreement that Price’s experience will help enrich the student environment and culture for years to come.  Mr. Price has continuously been an educator within LaRue County, with a total of 24 years.  For the past 19 years he was a math teacher at the High school, and then in 2013 he took up the role as an assistant principal.

Both incoming elementary school principal are graduates from LaRue County High School. When asked why he came back to his hometown to begin his career he proudly said, “I am a Hawk all the way through, LaRue County is who I am.”

Price has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Middle Grades Education and a Masters in Secondary Counseling from Western Kentucky University.  He completed his Rank 1 in Educational Administration from the University of the Cumberlands.

It is because of his experiences in LaRue County that made him such a needed asset to the community.  Sam Sanders, LaRue County School’s superintendent, regards the man with high praise, saying “He’s thoughtful, has a calm demeanor, and is a very effective leader.”

It is his skills that the community hopes the new principal will demonstrate to the incoming generations.  Price lives in Buffalo with his wife, and their two children who will attend HES when they are of age.  “My kids, and their future, were certainly a contributing factor in my decision to become principal.” Price admits that this new opportunity is a bittersweet ending.  “The truly hardest part of taking on this job has been accepting that I have to leave this staff at the high school.  They have truly been so amazing.”

Chris Price acknowledges that to have a positive environment for the students, the staff must know they are supported by their own peers- especially with the impending budget cuts.  “I don’t believe money will impact the happiness of our students.  I know they will have such a supportive staff and that will never change no matter what.”