Preparing for Baby Fairfax

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By Zack Fairfax

My wife and I have been dying to decorate our baby’s room ever since we moved in to our new place. It’s the only room in our place that doesn’t have anything in it, and we have been itching to fill it with everything our baby will need. The only problem has been that we haven’t had anything to put in it.

My friends and family repeatedly told us not to go buy anything because that’s what baby showers are for. And as hard as it was to refrain from purchasing every baby item we saw, we heeded their advice and waited.

This past Sunday was our first baby shower, my first that I have ever attended, and it was magnificent. The shower was thrown for us by two of the greatest women I know, Anita Hall and Allison Shepherd. And I wouldn’t ask for anything to be done differently.

I greatly appreciate these two women and what they have done for me. Outside of the shower they have made an effort to show their support.

Not having any prior baby shower experience, I’d say this was the best baby shower I’ve ever attended. And apart from the good company, the best part by far was the gifts.

I’ve never been one to open gifts in front of others. It takes an awful lot for me to get excited about a gift. Even if it’s something I’ve wanted for some time, or something I wasn’t expecting but ended up liking, it’s hard to display how thankful I am for a gift. Or I should say, it’s hard for me to display how thankful I think they want me to be for a gift. And I know, or at least hope, I’m not alone in this sentiment.

Often during Christmas I will try to open my gift while the attention is on someone else so I don’t have to fake giddiness or over exaggerate how thankful I am. I don’t want you to read this and think that I am ungrateful. I am super thankful for anything I receive because I know the effort that is put in to buying a gift for someone, and the majority of the time I genuinely like what ive been given. But I’m saying all of this to preface the fact that I was not looking forward to the tradition of opening all of your baby shower gifts in front of a crowd.

However, I was so excited to open them because it’s what my wife and I have been waiting for for weeks. I’ll be honest it wasn’t too bad. It actually wasn’t bad at all. And for anyone who was there, my expressions were genuine; even my excitement for the booger sucker. Thank you Nana, it will be greatly appreciated.

So now we have the opposite problem of what we started with. Our baby’s room is a mess, riddled with baby clothes and binkies and bottles. And reading just a page of an instruction manual on how to put together a 75-in-1 high chair gave me a headache. I think that putting together our baby’s room will be strikingly similar to how you eat an elephant... one bite at a time.