Plumbing business flourishing in LaRue

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By Doug Ponder

A local plumbing business is thriving in LaRue County.

Performance Plumbing is a local business that provides plumbing services including the installation and maintenance of pipes, drains, fittings, fixtures, valves and other devices that are used for the distribution of potable water for drinking, washing and waste removal. The business is located on 1250 Old Elizabethtown Road in Hodgenville.

Owner Lucas Hedgespeth opened Performance Plumbing with co-owners David Whelan and Brandon Gay in August 2013. Performance Plumbing partnered with DWE Electric and it is located in the same building in Hodgenville.

“The wheel was already invented here as far as a customer base is concerned and it has been an easy transition,” Hedgespeth said. “We work hand in hand with DWE. The big difference is they do more industrial and commercial work, where we do more residential work.”

Performance Plumbing has contracts with several schools, banks and other businesses in the region. Lucas went on to say that he is thankful for the people who helped him get where he is at with his business.

“My grandpa was a plumber and had a business for years. It’s something I have always been around all my life,” Hedgespeth said. “The guys at DWE gave me a chance here and I couldn’t appreciate it more. Business continues to grow and I couldn’t be happier”

For more information about Performance Plumbing call 270-358-2200.