A plumb special bed and breakfast

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By Doug Ponder

One LaRue County couple recently turned their dream home into an award winning bed and breakfast.

Mike and Kaye Smith, owners of All the Way Plumb Bed and Breakfast, located on 4213 Tanner Road in Hodgenville. The bed and breakfast features five separate guest rooms, which include several amenities such as ironed sheets, towel warmers, heated toilet seats and many more. All the Way Plumb was also awarded the 2014 Best New Inn at the annual meeting of the Bed and Breakfast Association of Kentucky.

Mike Smith said that they started building the home in 2003 and they made their home a bed and breakfast in November 2014. As a retired shop teacher from LaRue County High School, Mike Smith said the deal was he had to build his wife a house when he retired.

“I built about 90 percent of the home. It’s been a lengthy project with the cabinets and everything,” he said. “I had a good supervisor. Kaye was working next to me the entire way. She is good at decorating and getting all the colors matched.”

“We had been to a lot of bed and breakfasts before and had thought about turning our home into one,” Kaye Smith said. “Once we put my grandparent’s 100-year-old staircase in that was built in 1915, we decided to do it.”

As far as the name of the bed and breakfast, Kaye Smith said it has several meanings.

“Plumb means straight, true and as good as it gets. It’s to explore an experience fully, to a very high degree,” Kaye Smith said. “We want to give a good experience to people who visit and make them feel special.”

Mike Smith added to the name saying it also had another meaning for him.

“We would be building on the house and we would both be dirty. When we didn’t agree on everything, I would tell her I love you all the way plumb,” Mike Smith said. “When you love someone all the way plumb, it doesn’t get any better than that. That’s as good as it gets.”

When they opened in November 2014, Kaye Smith said there were no other bed and breakfasts or hotels in LaRue County. She said they also cater to any special occasions in their guests’ lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

“We love our community and saw a need, so we decided to open a bed and breakfast. We also want to promote Hodgenville and LaRue County. We provide information and road maps to people on all the attractions, businesses and restaurants in the county,” Kaye Smith said. “I also ask the guests if it is a special occasion such as birthdays and anniversaries. We always try to help them out with those things. One couple got engaged here. I got dipped strawberries for them and a banner that said ‘Molly will you marry me.’ It was great to be able to help with that special moment in their lives.”

Mike said one thing that separates them from other bed and breakfasts is they are in a rural area and it’s located on their 30 acre alfalfa hay farm. He said a lot of people enjoy the rural experience.

“People from cities love to see the stars and lightening bugs at night. They love how quiet it is in the country,” Mike Smith said. “I was talking with a girl who was staying with us from New York and she mentioned that she had never driven a tractor so I gave her the opportunity to move hay on a tractor. She had the best time ever and it was a real treat for her. She handed me her phone so I could take pictures of her. We are able to provide something unique because we are in a rural area and on a farm.”

Both Mike and Kaye Smith agreed that the thing they enjoyed the most was hearing other peoples’ stories and making them feel comfortable.

“So far we have had people from several states and we have also had people stay here from Denmark. They all have had great stories to tell,” Kaye Smith said. ” People that stay at bed and breakfasts want something that is unique and different from a hotel room. They want a more personal touch. So we want people that stay here to have a plumb experience and that is what we strive to do.”

For more information about All the Way Plumb Bed and Breakfast, visit www.allthewayplumbbedandbreakfast.com, email allthewayplumbbandb@windstream.net or call 270-765-9497.