Officials learn their 'Duty Under the Law' through free booklet

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 Local leaders will be learning soon about their “Duty Under the Law.”

A few legislative sessions ago, Rep. Derrick Graham, D-Frankfort, introduced legislation and got it through both chambers that require elected or appointed public officials to learn all about Open Meetings and Open Records laws in the Commonwealth.

The Attorney General’s office prepares the publication — “Your Duty Under the Law” — and makes that available to the heads of those agencies. The top dog — mayor, judge executive, school board chairman/superintendent, university presidents, city, county and school board attorneys — must distribute that booklet and the officials receiving it must sign a form that they have been given a copy.

Until this year, the publication was required to be handed out 60 days after the election ended. But at the request of the Kentucky League of Cities and without the Kentucky Press Association opposing, that requirement has changed to 60 days after the public official takes office.