News of Record – May 7, 2014

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 Property Transfers

The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the LaRue County Clerk’s Office in Hodgenville.

Virgie Tedder to Julie Ireland, Mary Lou Strader, Vicki Brangers and Robert Tedder, property on waters of Middle Creek five miles north of Hodgenville, no monetary consideration, FMV $125,000

J. Patrick Eastridge and Donetta Eastridge to George Piper and Brandi Piper, tract 4D of the Shirley Ramsey and James W. Eastridge property, no monetary consideration, transfer from parent to child, FMV $24,590

Alvin Worner, LLC to Dean Hornback and Kelly Hornback, property on Rodney Howell Road, Hodgenville, lots 6-14, $149,902.50

Doug R. Williams and Julie L. Williams to Michael T. Baldwin and Lauren Chorazak, land on north end of Price Hill Road, Hodgenville, $37,000

Stanley Stone and Debbie J. Allen-Stone to Curtis D. Allen and Regina J. Allen, lot 2J on amended record plat of amended Beatty Tree Farm Agricultural Division 1, lot 2C, 2D and 2F, $30,000

William F. Abell, executor of Francis A. Abell Estate, and Barbara M. Abell, to Dennis Abell, property on Shepherdsville Road, containing 1.6157 acres, $65,000

Austin Hawkins and Janiece Hawkins to Jeremy Bland and Stephanie Bland, lots 11 and 12, Bakk Creek Estates, $9,000

Kentucky Land Holdings of Radcliff, LLC, RG@? 4 Series and Richardson Investments USA, LLC to McGehee Humphrey & Davis, LLC, R Series, lot 2 of the Carl Howell Commercial Division containing 50.078 acres, $1

Marty L. Skaggs and Samantha Skaggs, to Martha A. Skaggs, five acres on record plat of Samantha & Marty Skaggs Division, $130,000

Joyce B. Jacobs and Phillip M. Jacobs, to Christopher O. Buckman and Stephanie L. Buckman, tract near Ginseng, $109,000 

Cynthia Carter to William H. Shelton and Patricia L. Shelton, lot 11 of Wildwood Estates Subdivision, Hodgenville, $15,250

Murell Smith AKA Murrell Smith and Ann Smith, to Bob Jennings, David Harrison and Vincent Hartlage, trustees for LaRue County Church of Christ, 1.03 acres on Ky. 61, $37,500

Ellen W. Reiman FKA Cora E. Whitlock and Eric Reiman to Juanita Hinton, property at 303 Woebegona Way, Hodgenville, $136,500

Paul Puckett and Sarah Puckett (undivided 1/4 interest for all parties), Glenn Puckett and Marsha Puckett, Marion Ray Puckett and Bobbie Puckett, and Neal Puckett and Dyan Puckett, to Mitchell L. Loveless and Patricia A. Loveless, lot 11 of Amber’s Meadow Subdivision, Mount Sherman Road, Magnolia, $141,250

Erica Vaughn FKA Erica Skaggs and Jonathan L. Vaughn, to Angela R. White, tract five of the Two Ten Subdivision on Ky. 210, $114,000

Daniel Thomas and Clarissa Thomas, to Ryan Price, lateral line easement, property in Magnolia, no monetary consideration

Bobby Lee Bennett and Helen Mudd Bennett, and James R. Riggs and Brenda Riggs, to James R. Riggs and Brenda Skaggs, tract of land in Roanoke, no monetary consideration, establish new boundary lines, FV $35,000

Bobby Lee Bennett and Helen Mudd Bennett, to Bobby Lee Bennett and Helen Mudd Bennett, property along Slack Road in Roanoke, establish new boundary lines, no monetary consideration, FMV $100,000

Bobby Lee Bennett and Helen Mudd Bennett, to Bobby Lee Bennett and Helen Mudd Bennett, property along Slack Road in Roanoke, establish new boundary lines, FMV $81,000

Harlis LaFollette and Bessie LaFollette to Charles R. LaFollette, Brenda F. Ford, Wilma L. Gribble, David J. LaFollette, Dennis C. LaFollette and Michael LaFollette, lots 10-13 in Memorial View Subdivision, lots 14, 15, 16 and 22 of Harvey Willian’s Memorial View Subdivision near Lincoln National Historical Park, no monetary consideration, gift parents to children, FCV $60,000