A New York deli experience

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By Zack Fairfax

The ovens are hot and the bread is fresh. Four Score Deli and Bakery is officially open for business.


Four Score Deli and Bakery had their grand opening and LaRue County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting on Friday, May 10. The deli and bakery serves a variety of baked goods and New York style deli sandwiches.

Kim Mather, owner and operator of Four Score, stated, “Retirement is boring. When I retired, I had all of this time to bake a lot of things and they kind of go to waste. People had always told my family that we should start a restaurant. So my brother-in-law Eric, who is an excellent chef, and myself decided to do it.”

Mather was a LaRue County High School English teacher before she retired and started working for Paula’s Hot Biscuit. Mather stated that although various people had encouraged her to start her own restaurant, she hadn’t seriously considered it until a coworker, Lora Setters, encouraged her to take the next step.

“Lora was very instrumental in putting this whole thing together. She really pushed me to take the first step, and the first step is always the hardest. I wouldn’t have taken it if it wasn’t for her,” stated Mather.

“Eric has always wanted to open a restaurant. It’s been a dream of his. Where I focus mainly on the bakery, he does all of the meats and sandwiches, as well as all of the financials. I let him do all of that, and I tell him I just want to bake.”

Mather wanted to bring an authentic experience to the community, and she is doing so primarily using local ingredients in all of her food. Mather stated that her produce comes from local farmers, as well as the new Aquaponics system at the high school. Almost all of her meats, with the exception of brisket, come from local farmers, and all of her baked goods are home made from scratch using local ingredients.

Part of the experience Mather hopes to bring to the community is the feel of an authentic New York sandwich shop. Mather lived in New York for a period of time, and wants to replicate the New York Deli experience here in Hodgenville.

Along with her brother-in-law, Mather’s family and friends have played a big roll in preparing for their opening day.

Four Score Deli and Bakery is located at 117 W. Water St, Suite B in Hodgenville KY. They are open from 5 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, and are closed on Tuesday. If you have any question, or just want to order some lunch you can call 270-696-0264.