New 911 director takes 'one day at a time'

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By Linda Ireland

LaRue County’s new 911 director of communications is taking things “one day at a time,” since beginning work July 23.

Nathaniel “Nathan” Hall was appointed to the position one day after the death of Chris Jackson, LaRue County’s longtime 911 coordinator.

Jackson had been battling cancer for a couple of years and taken a turn for the worse not long after Hall interviewed for the job.

Jackson, involved in choosing his successor, recommended Hall for the job, according to LaRue County Judge/executive Tommy Turner.

“I was going to train with Chris until he stepped down,” said Hall, Friday, in his office in the LaRue County Courthouse. “It didn’t work out like that.”

Hall worked for several years as an emergency dispatcher in LaRue and Nelson Counties. He enjoyed the work, feeling that he was helping others.

He has more administrative duties in his new position, although he does assist the dispatchers during hectic times.

“I’m used to answering the phone,” he said. “This is different. Hopefully I can carry on what Chris’ plan was and provide advanced service for the people in the county.”

“I never thought I’d be sitting here,” he added.

His job includes scheduling employees, maintaining radio equipment – or seeing that it is maintained by providers, mapping, providing addresses and working with all emergency responders in the county.

“It’s a huge learning curve,” he said.

Working in dispatch has taught him that you have to expect the unexpected. There are always wrecks, fires, injuries and inclement weather to disrupt an otherwise peaceful day.

“People keep asking me what my schedule will be like. I tell them I don’t know. Every day I come in and it’s always something new – nothing ever repeats. I will not be bored.”

Hall grew up in Hardin County but has lived in LaRue County about five years. He began working in dispatch in 2007.

The former Marine spent six months in Iraq in 2006.

He and his wife, Amanda, have a daughter, 9-month-old Evelynn.