Nationwide Uniform is a custom fit for the new Army Pink -Greens

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By Allison Shepherd

Since the United States Army announced its decision to bring back the World War II-era “pinks and greens” service uniform, a local industry in the heart of Hodgenville has been busy making prototypes and sending out the first shipment of the new uniforms used in the Memorial Day festivities at the end of May.


Nationwide Uniform, a Fechheimer Ohio-based company that manufactures the Flying Cross branded military, law enforcement and other service uniforms, is outfitting recruiters, Army band members and senior officials for the initial roll-out of what’s referred to as the Army Service Greens.

According to the company’s website, Fechheimer produced the World War II uniforms for officers, and according to Nationwide Uniform plant manager Mark Maloney, is excited to be part of the rebirth of the vintage look uniform for the Army, as well as other service clothing upgrades in the future.

The Hodgenville plant, which has been in LaRue County since 1961, will be producing the trousers of the new service uniform. The new polished look of the overall uniform design is intended to have a very distinctive and professional Army look so they will stand out in the recruiting environment. The uniform is meant to be immediately recognizable and one that represents the Army’s tradition and history.

Maloney referred to the redesign being based on the most prominent time in the Army’s history when our nation was universally recognized. He spoke of his father’s service and how the time period still is felt today as being the victory that made war, a good war, and is referred to as the ‘greatest generation’. He isn’t surprised by the Army’s choice of the belted olive coat and rose-hued trouser pant.

In a recent press release, it was stated that currently, the pants (or skirt) and jacket are a 55-percent polyester, 45-percent wool blend. The Army is considering using a non-iron, cotton/polyester blend for the shirt.

While the final decision on material and final designs is ongoing, Maloney stated that Nationwide Uniform has been working on the redesign producing multiple samples for the past two years. The material choice is not completely chosen, but Maloney stated they are close to making a final decision.

Maloney complimented the employees of the plant in producing these new designs. He stated that “we have a lot of talented people out there (in the plant) producing these products.” He made a reference to house plans; those plans are a design, but if you don’t know how to build it, it’s nothing. He continued to praise the employees that are so talented and proud of what they do, that made the designs a reality. He spoke of their dedication as many of his employees have been with the plant for over 40 years.

In today’s cookie cutter mentality, Maloney stated that each trouser pant produced in the Hodgenville plant will be custom fit and tailored to the individual. He spoke of the pants from the World War II era that soldiers wore their pants above their belly button, and today’s soldiers prefer a lower waist style, which is part of the redesign.

With a historic 75th anniversary of D-Day, June 6, the 3rd Infantry Regiment is expected to be wearing their own set of the pink and greens for the anniversary ceremony.

“Based on user feedback, the Army will finalize the uniform design later this year,” Taylor said, in time to start issuing them by the summer of 2020.

Not only is Nationwide Uniform working with the Army, they are working with the Air Force as they are always redoing their look, which has a lot to do with the change of generations, as the younger generation like the lower waist line design.

The Hodgenville based plant has recently made thousands of newly designed ladies Navy uniforms with a curved waist line, with a lower hip fitting design.

Other uniforms including pants and shorts for the U.S Postal service, police, fire, law enforcement agencies and for all branches of the military are also produced at the LaRue County facility.

Nationwide Uniform is located at 235 Shepherdsville Road in Hodgenville and employs over 220 workers. They have immediate job openings and can be reached by calling 270- 358-4173.