May is Electrical Safety Month

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 Accidents and fires involving electricity result in more than a thousand deaths and tens of thousands of injuries each year. The majority of those tragedies could be prevented with greater awareness of how to stay safe. Electrical fires are particularly destructive and deadly. This is why the National Electrical Safety Foundation has declared May as National Electrical Safety Month.

Nolin Rural Electric Cooperative, A Touchstone Energy Cooperative, works throughout the year to promote electrical safety in the community. The co-op offers education classes on electrical safety to all local schools. Each year, several area schools take advantage of this learning opportunity by allowing Nolin to demonstrate the dangers associated with electricity.  The co-op also makes the electrical safety classes available to local clubs and organizations.  In addition, Nolin uses a 14-foot trailer complete with a house, barn, grain bin and electric transformer to perform live electric demonstrations to local businesses, including area Fire Departments. 

“By educating people about the importance of respecting electricity and using electrical products safely, the co-op can make a measurable impact on reducing accidents and deaths associated with electricity,” said Mickey Miller, Nolin RECC President and CEO. 

Miller stresses the importance of maintaining a strong awareness at all times about electrical safety. 

“If we can teach individuals to live safer by avoiding electrical accidents, then Nolin RECC is accomplishing its mission to promote electrical safety. Since electricity is normally harmless and helpful, it is easy to forget that electricity is also dangerous.” 

Miller cautions the community to have a fire escape plan and to practice that plan with family members on a regular basis.

“Even if you do everything possible to prevent an electrical fire, you should still have a plan if a fire does happen,” said Miller. “Have smoke alarms, and be sure their batteries work.  Know two ways to exit your home, and designate a meeting place for your family.”

The co-op has brochures and fact sheets on electrical safety at home and in the workplace that are available to the community. To schedule a free electrical safety demonstration, call the Nolin RECC office at 270-765-6153. Visit www.nolinrecc.com or www.SafeElectricity.org for more electrical safety information.