Man! She feels like a woman!

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By Zack Fairfax

There’s a new kid on the block, or should I say at the Lincoln Jamboree. Donna Richardson is the newest addition to the Lincoln Jamboree Gang now in it’s 64th year and the first ever female drummer to be a part of the Jamboree band.

“My family has always been involved in the Jamboree to some extent; you could say it’s been a family affair. My brother in law is Ricky Puckett and he’s played for the Jamboree for sometime. My husband has played the piano and stood in for Joel Ray when he had his aneurysm surgery. Even my son has played a few times,” stated Richardson.

Joel Ray Sprowls stated, “We needed a new drummer, and Donna has been a friend of the Jamboree.”

Richardson hadn’t played the drums at the Jamboree prior to her opening night, but had been a guest vocalist at the Jamboree in the past.

“When I first played the drums at the Jamboree it was the weekend before the anniversary show, and I had thought that I was only filling in, but after the show was over Joel Ray asked me if I wanted to try and beat Charlie Durham’s record of how long he played at the Jamboree. It was a trial by fire, I suppose,” stated Richardson.

However, Richardson is a much busier lady than she lets on when she plays at the Jamboree. “I run a feed store in Shepherdsville. I cut hair two days a week in Louisville, and I won the primary election for fourth district magistrate of Bullet County so I’m currently campaigning for that election. Every Saturday I leave straight from the feed store and go directly to the jamboree. It’s my escape to get behind the drums and be with old friends. Oh my goodness, it’s cool. It’s just a lot of fun,” Richardson stated.

“She’s real good, and I’m very happy with her performance,” stated Joel Ray Sprowls.

Richardson also stated, “I love playing the drums, but I hadn’t played anywhere regularly for 10 or 12 years. I have the opportunity to play every weekend. I love what I do, and I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful people.”