Lost in LaRue

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By Vanessa Hurst

This will be the last time I’ll be lost in LaRue County, or at least the last time I’m writing about it. I’m leaving the newspaper; for further details you can read all about it on page 6A “Where corn don’t grow.”

For my last trip, I wish I could have gone all around LaRue County and visit all the places I love to see. But time is limited so I went toward Sonora and Barren Run. I’ve never been disappointed when I take photos in that area. As I made my way down Hwy 84 I contemplated some of my previous adventures and one theme that kept coming to mind was the behind the scenes things you all don’t get to see. I’m a ‘get your knees dirty’ sort of photographer. I like to get the impossible angles to show the viewer something they may not have seen before. Whether it’s climbing a tree, kneeling in wet grass, high-stepping through the mud in brand new sandals or climbing on top of my vehicle for the best angles (and I’ve done all these things), I’ll do it just for that perfect shot.

I got out of my vehicle to snap some photos of the hills on Barren Run Road, but it wasn’t good enough. So I climbed on top of my vehicle and that’s where I found the best angle. I chuckled at myself at what I must look like if someone who happened upon my eccentric photo taking, crouched down beside a field somewhere or perched on top of my vehicle. I decided I’d take some selfies for a behind the scenes look at what it takes to really get Lost in LaRue.

I drove toward Airline Road and stopped to photograph the rows of corn. I like the way the brace roots look like fingers grasping the dirt.

Next I took Airline Road to Brashears Road, then Chestnut Fork Road. I was pleased to see buggie marks on the road. They remind me of my childhood home in Holmes County Ohio. There was an Amish family out in the yard, mom was hanging laundry and kids were doing various chores.

I turned onto to Jenkins Road and made my way to Murrieltown Road then back on Hwy 84.

For more of my adventures follow me on instagram @lostinlarue. Yes, you can still keep up with my local travels. Also look in the August 9 edition for a full page of unseen Lost in LaRue photos and some of the stories behind them.