The light stuff: Positive Vibes opens in Hodgenville

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By Mary Hinds

Last Thursday, the LaRue County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting event for Positive Vibes. Located on Old Elizabethtown Road, the small business offers LED light therapy, facial treatments and foot massages as well as health and beauty products.

The idea for the business began with a friendship. Three years ago, owners Shannon Minter and Christal Milliner discovered they shared many interests, especially when it came to health.

We’ve always been interested in health; anytime we’d see something that was good for us, we’d try it together,” Milliner said, describing diets and programs. This winter, when the pair heard about LED light therapy from a friend, they decided to give it a try.

“Once we did a session with the lights the first time, I just knew, that was it,” Minter said.

“Then every question we asked about –how are we going to do this?—the universe provided us with the answer,” Milliner continued. “We were talking about getting only one set of lights and next day, we found two for an unbeatable price and we said– there’s our answer!”

Stemming from a NASA technology developed in the 1990s for growing plants, LED light equipment consists of three pads covered in blue, red and infrared lights. Applied to various body parts, the therapy theorizes that light stimulates cells and can be used for numerous health issues.

Over the last few months, Minter and Milliner have worked to set up their business. They said they are excited to provide positive service for the community.

“We want to lift people’s energy and make them feel important and let them take time for themselves,” Minter said. “Life is so busy—people work, work, work—they don’t make time for themselves.”

Milliner said they have already learned so much about starting a business and the best part is getting to work with a best friend.

“We’re so much alike and we’re still learning,” she said. “We are looking forward to meeting people and meeting their needs. We’re also looking forward to having the opportunity to run a business and make decisions together. It’s been an adventure already.”

Positive Vibes is located at 928 Old Elizabethtown Road Suite 9 in Hodgenville. For information or to make an appointment, call 270-358-9020.