Letter to the Editor - July 17, 2019

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Dear Editor,

On June 15, 2019 the Lady Hawks Soccer Team had the opportunity to participate in the LaRue County Fiscal Court, Solid Waste Management, “Trash for Cash” program. This was a unique and humbling experience for the Lady Hawks Soccer Team to help the community and also fundraise for the upcoming 2019-soccer season.

The team and the volunteers met in the high school parking lot and prepared for the journey. We were given all the tools to begin our adventure. What we discovered is that even though this was not the conventional fundraiser, our team, is just that, a team. When one crew finished they found another to help out.

We were walking down roads and picking up countless beer cans, water bottles, plastic wrappers and all the other nasty items that litter our beautiful, small town; our team made it a competition to see who could gather the most trash. Although it saddens me to see the carelessness that some have for our communities beauty and the environment, I am also pleased with this opportunity for the Lady Hawks to grow as a team, learn the unfortunate effects that garbage has, but also know that they had a part in helping to restore some of the LaRue County roadways to their natural beauty.

Shannon Judd

108 Livingood Lane

Hodgenville, KY 42748