Letter to the Editor - July 17, 2019

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Dear Editor,

On behalf of the LaRue County 4-H Council, as president we need your support to continue the long history of the LaRue County Fair.

This will be the 112th year in operation, and our 4-H Council did not want to lose this heritage, so we volunteered to have a three day Agriculture fair, which will include pageants and other events.

With the help of the newly elected Fair Stockholders Board and City of Hodgenville officials, we are able to commit fully to this event. Along with FFA and other volunteers to assist us in these efforts, our goal is to have a successful fair. Even though we will not have carnival rides this year, it does not mean that you can’t come and enjoy the events this year with your family.

There will not be a gate admission this year, so please come and enjoy. Your support as a business, community, and family is very important for a successful fair.

Thank you for your support in the past; let us be positive for the future of the LaRue County Fair.

Thank you.

John Ray Ball

President, LaRue County 4-H Council